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The phrase ‘fat loss’ has been misunderstood by people for several decades and still even now, most users don’t have a clear picture of what constitutes as fat, the ways we can gain it and what happens when we start to lose it. 

It might sound preposterous, but having fat in your body is always a good thing. It needs to be noted that essential fats are stored inside your organs, muscles, bone marrow and so on. It plays a crucial role in helping our body to function in the best possible manner. For men, the amount of essential fat is 3 per cent while for women, it’s 12 per cent. There’s also another kind of fat, known as storage fat, which tends to increase when we gain weight. Times like these are when you need the help of a nutritionist in London weight loss service.

What Is Weight Gain?

Weight Gain can be defined as the result of the body trying to store extra energy in the form of fat cells, that it doesn’t end up using it. Therefore, instead of trying to multiply and store more fat in the process, these fat cells simply get larger over time. Thus, weight gain occurs and people tend to feel slow and bloated.

Weight Loss In Comparison To Body Sculpting

Weight loss occurs when the person brings changes to his or her lifestyle and diet so that the stored energy inside the fat cells can be consumed so that they can shrink in size. It might surprise you but using this process will not make you lose your fat cells. The body will still harness the cells to be used in a future scenario for storing fat and energy.

On the other hand, body sculpting involves the use of advanced technology to remove the fat cells in its entirety. By removing the fat cells, the treated areas will have fewer chances of holding or storing fat at a future time.

How To Accelerate The Weight Loss Procedure?

You can easily accelerate your weight loss procedure by first consulting with a competent nutritionist and thereby following the suggestions given by the professionals. Furthermore, you need to maintain a clean and healthy diet combined with a regular exercise routine. 

After the weight loss procedure, you’d probably want to prevent your body from building up of fat in the same area again, which is the reason why you need to continue following the suggestions given by your nutritionist. Your ultimate aim should be to prevent the fat cells in your body from further expanding and storing more energy in them. 

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