Croatia is referred to as “Land of a Thousand Islands” and each informs its own story, custom and local custom-mades waiting to be explore. We have put together a brief summary motivate you go check it out and enjoy these thousands year by sea.

The ancient Greeks said the islands welcomed their visitors with sweet gives off lavender, olives and white wine. Worth checking out vivd life that streams small streets, magical churches and abbeys. A sip of popular white wine made from grapes produced from the slopes to seduce you.

Many have actually magnificent landscapes, well-indented coastline, abundant underwater community, blue seas, of sunlight, plenty of beaches. Makes a great destination for roaming boaters and sailing, hop on to one of the yacht charters in Croatia and experience it for yourself. Shaw discussed its spectacular

Also when you visit the Blue collapse one of the famous cave that creates magical light sequences. It’s just not possible to withstand a quick dive into the deepness.

Everybody considering themselves a little explorers and is likely to go to Brunsik and Jacuba- unique lava spewing mountains in the island of Palagrua . You will be delighted as well with the sight of the local fisherman,olive oil production and other local industries located with in the areas.

. Of all the beaches certainly discovered on Brač and the appeal of the gravel beach where the wind and waves have created wonderful shapes of the gravel that will tantalize ones imagination and have an amazing rock collection. Brac is also one of those beaches were one can relax and not have to worry about all the worries in the world and gives you a sense of serenity and peace.

You can see the “Moreška”– in memory of huge naval fights that were battled between Geneva and Venice. Korčula. Also who can forget Korčula, home of the great explorer Marco Polo, which is located not that far away from the local sandy beaches and wonderful shore and explore the inner self of an explorer.

Among all the thousands of islands with in the Croatia, there are many option one can choose. However it will take you a life time to explore all the islands and truly take in everything these islands have to offer. So how do you systematically approach check these wonderful island?

Simple pick the ones that are habituated first, there are more than 300 fresh water islands and these provide you with a road map on which you can book a hotel on and which you need to bring you camping gear. Among them some of the vegetated island of the Adriatic Sea, the spring and summer make living on the smaller islands like Rab easier compared to the bigger islands that are split between the coast.

So plan you trip accordingly, you can leverage your local travel agents or tap into your own inner Marco Polo and take an adventurous trip back packing through these bays and camping where ever necessary or be a big baller by getting a yacht charter Croatia during the seasons of June- September.

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