Coloured contact lenses are one of the most used fashion accessory nowadays. From enhancing your eye colour by adding depth to the edges of the iris to completely changing the colour of your eyes. These mesmereyez coloured contact lenses are truly something and it is no wonder why almost everyone is adding these coloured contacts to their fashion cosmetics.

Also, you can use these coloured eye contacts for special events and festivals like Halloween. These lenses have special coloured tints on them that have different designs and patterns on them allowing you to change your eye colour

Get The Most Amazing Eyes With Coloured Contact Lenses

First thing you need to understand is that coloured contact lenses have a special coloured tint on them that has different designs, shades, patterns and lines. These designs and patterns blend with the natural colour of the eye to produce a much brighter and enhanced eye colour. Even our eyes are not just a single colour, but it is a mix of colours, lines and freckles. So choosing the right coloured contact lenses is very important to produce the required look. There are certain elements that require your consideration when you are looking to purchase coloured contact lenses such as your eye colour, skin tone and your hair colour. Also, the dress you wear plays a little part. On the other hand some people rather than enhancing their eye colour choose to completely change it with coloured contact lenses. How is that possible? Well with the help of opaque and solid tints anyone can change the colour of their eyes.

Types of coloured contact lenses

Your eyes are made of different colour shades, some of us have dark coloured eyes while some have light coloured eyes. Depending on your eye colour you will choose for the type of coloured contact lenses. That is right, some coloured lenses will only work on light coloured eyes while others are used on dark coloured eyes.

When it comes to the types, coloured contact lenses have two major types of colour tints. They are namely opaque and enhancement tints.

Opaque tints

As their name suggests, opaque tints are completely solid tints and non-transparent. These lenses completely cover the eyes completely and not allowing the natural colour of the eyes to show. With theses contact lenses you can effectively change your eye colour.

Now you must be wondering how you are going to see if it covers the whole of the iris, well you don’t need to worry about that. All coloured lenses including the opaque tints have a free center zone for your eye pupil so your vision is not impaired in any way.

Opaque tints are the only tints that can be used on dark coloured eyes as the natural eye colour is too dark for other coloured lenses to have any effect on the eye colour.

Enhancement tints

Second, we have the enhancement tints, as their name suggests, they enhance the natural colour of the eye. These lenses add more definition to the edges of your iris deepening the colour of the eye and producing a more beautiful look. Enhancement tints are translucent tints and that is why they allow some of the natural eye colour to show through it. Due to this you need to choose the colour very carefully as the wrong choice may not produce the effect you wanted.

Also, enhancement tints would not work on dark coloured eyes as the natural eye colour would reflect too much from the lenses. You would not be able to enhance the eye colour as you wanted.

Then there are visibility tints that have a very faint coloured tint, only enough to identify the colour. These lenses do not have any effect on the colour of our eyes. The colour is there so that if you drop them, then you can find them easily.

Coloured Contact lenses for dark coloured eyes.

Have you found the right colour for your eyes? Make sure you have conducted the right research regarding the right colour for your eyes. .

With dark coloured eyes the first thing you need to get right is the type of colour tint. The tint that would suit your dark coloured eyes is opaque tints as enhancement tints will never work on your eyes.

Depending on the colour of your eyes you may choose to wear bright green, or dark blue colour. Some other popular colours for dark eyes are bright hazel and brown.

Coloured contact lenses for light coloured eyes

With light coloured eyes you have to be a little more delicate with enhancing your eye colour. Enhancement tints will do just fine for your light coloured eyes.

Colours such as light green and blue are quite popular in enhancement tints. Also many choose light hazel and brown for enhancing their eyes.


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