Challenges Faced By Newbies USA in Essay Writing


Education plays an important role in our life, especially childhood education and professional studies. Education is essential for the social, personal, and economic development of any nation. With the increasing demand for quality education, studying abroad has becomes a prior choice for students all over the world. The USA is one of the leading countries that welcomes international students to study there and create chances to start a successful career. The American education system offers a wide variety of field choices with the most qualified teachers and professors for international students. Just beside this, there are several issues faced by international students studying in the USA and one of them is writing challenges. Here we will expand some of the major aspects behind this issue.

Language Barrier:

It is never easy to travel around the globe to receive a degree and study with peoples from different countries having different cultures and speaks different languages. Peoples are experts in their mother tongue, they feel difficulties to write and communicate in a foreign language. Most of the peoples studying in the USA are not good enough in English. Therefore, they fall behind in academic and essay writing in comparison to the local students.

Lake of uniqueness:

Today, the USA considered a hub of education; globally qualified teachers are serving education there. They always expect the students to come up with new ideas and uniqueness. It is quite difficult for international students to meet their criteria while writing an essay. The 4 dollar essay found that many foreign students are affected by the plagiarism issues in their writing.

Weak Research:

Research is the important factor that is responsible to make your writing more effective. Students in the USA are bound with their academic structure, they could not find enough time to .analyse the topic that has to be written. Therefore, students face difficulties to explore the inside features of the topic and without this, your essay is like a cover latter i-e you do not know what is happening inside it.

Time Management:

One of the major issues faced by the students is the lake of time management. The foreign Students had a burden of work on their shoulders not only an academic burden but also personal works that influence their living style. Sometimes this tough schedule does not allow students to spend their hours in research while writing essays. Hence, students face difficulties to meet the deadlines of projects and other assignment works.

Unfamiliar Topics:

Students face a hard time in writing such topics that are not in their interest list. They put weak arguments and unauthentic content just to fill up the blank paper. Most of the international students have a weak vocabulary and struggle to convey their ideas fluently, which makes an unclear view of the topic for the reader. These unwanted topics pushed them in deep thoughts while getting it on paper.

Use of Slang Language:

With the increase in internet technology, people all around the world are engaged with any of the social media platforms. Social media badly affect the way of communication for its users, every day we see a different word, it is a type of regenerating or alternating the languages. Students are the main victim of this effect and it put them into trouble to use the formal word while writing an essay.

With all these facts, writing has become a challenging factor for international students who migrated to the USA for their higher studies. However, students can avail of the services of different writing professionals to get rid of this issue.


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