Yes, without any doubt, the jewelry industry is bouncing back as the covid pandemic situation has been experiencing some ease. As we all know, throughout the year 2020, we have been facing uncertain situations. Coronavirus outbreak has created unexpected and uncertain situations all-over the world. Many countries have imposed a lockdown for their citizens. As the situation prevailed, so many businesses have faced a loss. There has been a liberation for basic needs like groceries, medicines, etc. At that time clothing outlets, luxury ornament outlets remained closed. This made the jewelry industry, right from the mining companies to retail outlets to experience a fall in the first two quarters of the year.

As the government restricted social gatherings, many people had to postpone their wedding. During this time, people forgot about gifting jewelry to their loved ones on anniversaries and birthdays. All the wedding plans were paused, including buying jewelry. Many of the previous jewelry bookings were canceled during the lockdown. This is the high time all the major industries have faced loss.This situation demanded all jewelry shop owners expand their online presence. The jewelry industry initiated various reforms to cope up with the pandemic situation. This resumed their connection with the audience.

Whatever platform it is, being consistent in social media is the key. They have started to post regularly. Many attractive designs on various pieces of jewelry, campaigns are some of them. These compelling campaigns played a major role in turning the doubtful customers into returning buyers. They have attracted more followers on social media, which in turn increased their customer count. Now they have realized the importance of social media marketing.

In the early march, as the lockdown is imposed, the most sought after place for diamond jewelry, Hatton garden remained silent for more than a couple of months. This situation has revived slowly from mid-June. People are attracted by an impressive collection of Engagement rings hatton gardens jewelers. In spite of the tough time, Hatton Garden has welcomed a big number of buyers. They have maintained strict covid protocols that made the customers stress free. After customers tried on the jewelry pieces, they have deep cleaned each of them before giving it to another customer. Because touch and feel are very important for customers.

They have been coming up with new marketing strategies every now and then. If the customer did not want to come to the store physically, shop owners are giving a video conferencing call by making use of the technology. People started looking for virtual retail appointments in order to get a personalized customer experience. Video shopping helped the customers greatly because it is way more than buying with photos. Every customer treats their jewelry to purchase emotional and sentimental. All these efforts have been making the industry to recover from the losses.

The jewelry businesses are planning to implement augmented reality and 3D video. This augmented reality try-on jewelry gives the customer an overview of how it looks on them if they wear it. Some predict this is going to be the future of the luxury jewel industry. Though this technology is already in practice, it had gained popularity, especially after this pandemic period. Many of the Hatton garden jewellers have been using this and not only jewelry brands but also this has been a big hit in the clothing industry as well. If the jewelry industry is taking this much effort for customers, why are you missing out on gifting your loved one? Just try on your jewel virtually and make a purchase!

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