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What Does Cleanroom Mean?

A cleanroom is a place where products like electronics, pharmaceutical products, and medical equipment are built. A cleanroom is also used for filtering pollutants such as aerosol particles, airborne microbes, and dust for making an area clean. We can also manage elements such as airflow, humidity, and temperature. The outside air is cleaned through the Cleanroom by eliminating the contaminants, pollutants, and particles from the outside air.

Types of Cleanroom Furniture

  • Cleanroom Chairs

Cleanroom chairs are those chairs which clear the criteria before entering into a cleanroom. Those chairs which can prevent electrostatic charges and cause minimal particle emission are eligible for being disposed of in a cleanroom.

  • Cleanroom Tables: Cleanroom tables are those tables that are easy to keep clean and which are conductive to electricity.


  • Gowning Benches and Racks

We have to equip suitable furniture for gowning areas. For gowning areas gowning benches and racks are perfect. Generally, gowning benches and racks are built from stainless steel.

How to choose the Correct Cleanroom Seating

  • Specifications

Before purchasing any Cleanroom Seating you should always check that the ISO classifications are provided in written and are matching the requirements of your cleanroom.

  • Hygiene

If you are buying furniture you should always make sure that it is easy to keep the furniture clean and hygienic. Furniture built from aluminum, stainless steel or with powder-coated finish.

  • Resilience


The life of the product is a very important thing. Before buying any furniture you should be knowing about the expected lifespan of your furniture for planning about the replacement of that furniture in the future.

How Can You Keep A Cleanroom Clean?

  • Air Shower

For limiting the number of particles coming inside your Cleanroom then you should start investing for an Air Shower. An Air Shower is a great way for the elimination of the extra particles before your employees enter the Cleanroom. The particles in the air are blown off by Air Shower.

  • Gowning

Before entering a Cleanroom the person should be wearing protective clothing because a person is having a bunch of particles that can be released from his body. So every person must wear an item of protective clothing before entering in a Cleanroom. Protective clothing depends upon the standard of the Cleanroom; it might be just gown and gloves or a full-body bunny suit with mask and goggles.

  • Cleanroom Furniture

Furniture also releases some particles even when it is just lying there. So you should have that furniture in your Cleanroom which is specially customized for a Cleanroom.

  • Sticky Flooring

Sticky flooring is an excellent way for taking care of the contaminants on foot-borne or wheel-borne. Sticky Flooring has a lifespan of 3 to 5 years which is better than sticky mats but StickyFlooring should be properly cleaned and well maintained.


Decent Gowning Techniques

  • Remove Personal Items

Jewelry, watches, etc. should be removed before entering a Cleanroom because they release extra and unnecessary particles that will go into the air.

  • Change Shoes

When you are walking around your shoes pick up all the dirt and that’s why you should always change your shoes before entering a Cleanroom and you should always rub your shoes on a sticky mat for removing the extra particles on it.

  • Perfume and Cosmetics

A person should not be wearing or applying perfume and cosmetics because they release the extra fumes and particles in the air. Products like hair gels, make up, etc. should not be applied before entering in a Cleanroom.

  • Enter Gowning Area

Before entering a Gowning Area you should start wearing a set of donning gloves for avoiding the release of particles on gowning clothes. When gowning, a person should remember to wear a Bunny Suit with mask and goggles for eliminating the particles from the pre-ground parts like booties and coveralls.

  • Don Bouffant

A person when going inside first wears a hair cover or bouffant before entering in a Cleanroom. Depending on the standards of a cleanroom a person might also have to don a hood.

  • Don Coverall

There are two types of Coverall. The first Coverall is one-piece and for wearing it a person should start with his feet and then move upwards. Second cover all is it two-piece and for wearing it a person should start from the top and then sit down for putting on the bottom half. Make sure that you do not let the Coverall touch the floor or walls and also make sure that you have zipped all the zips and snapped all the snaps.

  • Shoe Covers or booties

Your pants should be properly tucked into the booties or shoe covers.


Therefore we should always take care of the above points for avoiding the release of pollutants, air particles, extra particles, etc. The points written above will help you in keeping your Cleanroom free for extra particles.

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