Blue World City, a massive dwelling project spearheaded by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC), would be Pakistan’s inaugural Pak-China accommodation society created in partnership with the Chinese. It is the most cost-effective housing project constructed by Chinese investors, with a simple payment plan despite its size, making it an appealing choice for investors. Its connectivity to the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi is also advantageous. Blue World City (BWC) is found near the Chakri Interchange on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M2 on the main Chakri Road. It is well located near the twin cities, making the Islamabad Airport accessible. Commercial areas such as Bahria Town, Gulberg Green, DHA, Bahria Town, and other constructions will be 20-25 minutes distant only after Ring Road is completed. Mr Saad Nazir, a builder, founded the Blue World City initiative. An MOU has been established with Mr Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company in China to create Blue World City. The Blue Group of Companies was set up in Lahore in 1998. It started by offering clients architectural concepts and construction expertise. And it managed to quickly acquire the confidence of its clientele and establish a solid reputation as among the most dependable businesses. With over 300 employees, the company has developed and thrived ever since. And BWC is of the most comprehensive – ranging associations functioning in Pakistan. BGC provides a variety of services, including:
  • Development, building, and marketing of real estate
  • Design of the building
  • Commercial printing and IT assistance
The Blue Group of Companies then entered the retail sector. It is presently the proud owner of several convenience stores as well as clothing businesses.

Payment Plans:

General Block

blue world city updated payment plan 2021

Overseas Block and Commercial Block

blue world city updated payment plan 2021

Awami Residential Block

blue world city updated payment plan 2021


It is a low-income housing community that will change the perception of low-income accommodation in Pakistan. Blue Word City not only guarantees safe living conditions for its members, but it also motivates people on a low income to engage in this community and take advantage of premium amenities and a prime location. If you’re on edge about purchasing a property in this project, we’ve put up a list of benefits that will guide you to make an informed decision.

Affordability and Convenience at a High Level

When we compare Blue World City to Taj Residencia and Park View City, we can observe that the pricing are more convenient and reasonable at Blue World City. It’s ideal, especially for residents with limited incomes who want to provide luxurious housing for their families.

Chinese architecture

The connection between China and Pakistan has grown significantly over time. And the project will reflect the intensity of this friendship in this project. The infrastructure of the residential society will be built using Chinese methods and architecture. The contemporary Chinese city architecture will inform the grand plan and building design of the community. You may also like to learn about the Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi.

Long-Term Investment Possibilities Abound

When investing capital in a venture, you must think about the long-term implications. And you may rest assured that Blue World City will not disappoint you. You will have a domicile in one of the top lodging communities furnished with world-class services that are various, and it is a plump pouch packed with prospects that you expected at the most affordable market price.

Proposing Modern Amenities and Services

Residents will have access to water, gas, and power at all times of the day and night, as well as immediate and 24-hour medical care. In addition, you will find shopping arcades, restaurants, theatres, and elite leisure clubs in commercial centres. Blue World City will also include Pakistan’s first worldwide water theme park. Water rides, swings, wave pools, a basalt waterfall, specifically constructed water pools for minority children, and a water surfboard will all be available. Blue World City Islamabad is a one-of-a-kind lodging society that offers international-standard amenities. The Overseas Block is specifically developed to meet the needs of Pakistanis living abroad. Blue World City Islamabad is a residential development that complies with international standards. They explicitly created the Overseas block with the needs and amenities of Pakistanis living abroad in mind.


BWC will meet the residential and business needs of Islamabad & Rawalpindi in the future. It gives all of the basic amenities that are required for modern housing development. BWC has residential and commercial plots of various sizes and farm residences for government employees and the common public. Giving accommodation and entertainment a current version, and most crucially, being constructed to meet the housing needs of the expected inflow of Chinese citizens for CPEC-related projects in the following years.

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