The Internet is dynamic and its trends keep changing with a click on the refresh button. Imperatively, the companies running the show business set rules to ensure the safety and security of every individual involved. Especially when it comes to business and marketing it online, the game plan is pretty tricky and compelling.

The world of SEO has many rules & regulations, yet it is transparent in sharing them with everyone connected. Though several businesses follow these precepts, many don’t – instead, they walk through the dark side of the road. Here are some pointers you need to know to avoid the SEO’s dark side of the business and the employees using it!

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The comments spammer

Have you ever faced a situation wherein you uploaded a post on social media and received instant comments? Getting comments is a piece of great news; it shows that you are engaging online. However, if most of the comments are about some random website people need to access for free goodies, then these are the spam comments.

These spam comments take a hit on your website or blog when not filtered properly. It leaves a negative impression on the viewers and decreases the quality of your content. Avoid these comments by filtering out and only keeping genuine ones. It looks more professional and skillful.

Invisibility and stuffing

These are two different aspects that few use either combinedly or individually. Stuffing is nothing but filling the content with many keywords. Mentioning the keywords in trend is one aspect, and stuffing as many as possible in the article is another aspect altogether. Search engines will pick these sooner than later, penalising you for malpractices.

Another ‘clever’ trick that people do to evade search engine reviews is writing the keywords in the background’s colour! For example, if the blog’s page has a white background, then the text is written in the same colour. The visitor might not differentiate it yet, the search engines will detect and index them.

Negative SEO

We’ve all heard about this story at some point. A couple of frogs living in a well. When one tries to climb and get out of the well, the others jump and pull the frog down. The same goes with negative SEO as well. Black hat SEO doesn’t essentially mean using shortcuts to reach the goal.

But, it also includes when they use artificial links to other domains to get them penalized. Or even reporting the competitors content as unethical is a blackhat trick. Though Google and other search engines have complex algorithms to determine the fact from false, it is ideal that you are aware of these instances and keep a tab regularly!

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