Black Friday or Black Friday is a tradition that has been imported into Australia from about 2012 and this year is celebrated on Friday, 29 November. There are several theories about the origin of Black Friday. It is considered a custom that comes from Philadelphia (USA).

On the one hand, the first use of the term Black Friday is associated with the year 1869 to refer to the failure of two great financiers in their goal of obtaining great benefits. Years later, in 1929, Black Thursday became popular to refer to the day when the North American market collapsed due to the Wall Street stock market crisis. But the most common origin of Black Friday is associated with small businesses in the United States. The day after Thanksgiving begins the season of buying Christmas gifts. On that date, the local businesses were able to sell and leave red numbers to go to black numbers and end debts.

Whatever it’s the real origin, Black Friday has been celebrated for many years. Now people take to the streets or search the Internet for the best discounts, taking advantage to make Christmas shopping. After being born in the United States tradition was exported to Europe where it has gone in a crescendo over the years to end up becoming one of the days with higher sales.


The black Friday begins to popularize in Australia from 2012. Today, seven years later, many users are looking forward to knowing the deals for Black Friday. Discounts can be found both physically and online although it is true that many buyers choose to visit here and learn about the offers of online stores in Australia. However, B2B e-commerce platforms like e-Bay via https://www.shiply.com/us/ebay-shipping-service promotes the Black Friday culture all year long because they realize the need for prolonged customer satisfaction.


The period of sales of this custom used to last a day but many companies have joined the decision to extend it. Now many online and physical stores celebrate the black week, the cyber weekend or cyber Monday. It is about extending the offers to give buyers more choice to consume.

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In many businesses, during the Black Week, the offers vary. You may start with free shipping, then add a discount to the product and end up with a larger discount. It all depends on the store that does it. Be it a day, a weekend or an entire week, Black Friday is an ideal date to save money on Christmas gifts. It’s true that it may seem a bit early to buy them, but it’s worth it if you can avoid a big hole in your home economy.


On Friday, 29 November is Black Friday in Australia and the rest of the world where it is celebrated. Many people look forward to the month of November to get the best deals and discounts.

One of the customs that has become more popular is to make Christmas purchases during this period, both on Black Friday and on Cyber Monday. The discounts of both physical and online stores are varied, so it is good to consult different websites even if we only want to buy a product.



The component is an eCommerce, which also has physical stores, which sells all kinds of technological products. It was one of the first online stores to celebrate Black Friday in Australia, doing so for more than seven years. In Components the Black Friday offers will begin on the night of Sunday, November 24. The duration will be one week, within which prices will vary. The best of Components? They will try to be transparent and will make available to buyers a price history to be able to contrast the real offers. In addition, Components will also celebrate Cyber ​​Monday. Your offers will be active as of 22:00 on Sunday, December 1.

The most common in stores like this is to find various discounts on technological devices. Some will be great deals and others a small discount, but they always come in handy to save some money.


Fnac is a large warehouse that includes mobiles, movies, books, telephony, among many other products. It is an ideal option to buy during Black Friday because in addition to including many discounts they already warn that there will be free shipping on many of them. In Fnac the black Friday will not be brought forward, their offers are active from day 29. You can leverage your home discounts, photography, sound, computers, smartphones, etc.

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Worten will begin its offers on Friday 29. This website ensures that there is a possibility that the number of items that each person can buy may be limited since they want everyone to have access to the best offers. But everything will be subject to a document of bases and conditions available to customers. They also ensure that in order to meet all the demand they will strengthen their equipment to ensure the established delivery times. In Worten you can enjoy many discounts in different sectors.


The 2 × 1 arrives at Tortola! In the online shoe store for men and women, Tortola 1947 you can find an offer: 2 × 1 in shoes. During Black Friday in Tortola, they want to offer their customers two shoes for the price of one. This Christmas gives Tortola shoes, with the 2 × 1 in sneakers for women and men, some for you and others for whoever you want.

You cannot miss this opportunity. The 2 × 1 in Tortola is an offer that you cannot miss. Get some quality men’s or women’s sneakers, made in Australia with the best materials. Originality, quality, style, and comfort united in the Tortola shoes, take advantage of the 2 × 1!


The cyber Monday as the Black Friday is a commercial holiday. In this case, it is celebrated for one day and corresponds to the following Thanksgiving Monday, that is, the Monday after Black Friday. The most common is that offers and discounts are made more online than physical. Two days after Black Friday, another large catalog with offers is made available to customers.

Origin of Cyber ​​Monday

You may wonder what the origin of Cyber is​Monday. Its origin is considered to be in the United States in 2005. The place where it was first held. Like other things that are successful, it has been exported and in Australia, we have adopted it as another commercial holiday.

The intention is to increase online sales. It is a second chance for those who have not bought anything during Black Friday and want to get discounted products.

During the cyber Monday, you can also get great deals and discounts to buy what you want for a lower price.


Do not buy anxiously. On the day or the week, of consumerism, you will see offers and promotions everywhere. Ads trying to capture your attention through mobile, television, computer and shop windows. Logically, businesses want to sell. It is an ideal day to make certain purchases, but we must avoid doing so compulsively so as not to lose money. With so much publicity coming to us, we may think we need more things than we really need. It is important to be clear before buying if you are really going to use that product, if you need it or if you simply buy it because it is the week of offers.

Make a list. To avoid spending too much money it is good to make a checklist. There you can include the products you want to buy, the gifts you want to make and what you need. For example, it may be a good date to buy electronic. If your mobile does not work well, your smart TV has broken, you want to give your sister some helmets, your partner an activity bracelet, etc. This list will help you focus on finding specific products and avoid buying by buying.

Compare prices. Another tip to perform on this Black Friday 2019 in Australia is to compare prices. If you have your list done it will be much simpler. How can you do it? A few weeks before you can visit the websites where they sell the product you want and when shopping week arrives you can see how much money you will save and if it is profitable to acquire it.

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