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When you have kids at home, each corner seems to be screaming for being tidy and maintained! No matter how big your house is, your kids have this tendency to litter each and every corner and spread their toys and belongings in all the rooms. We know you may be agreeing with all these and often sitting with your head on your hands trying to figure out the way to keep them busy on your premises, but still keeping the rooms prim and proper!

Okay, so for all you tortured mummies and daddies, we have got the best idea to utilize your own space in the best way to keep your children occupied without messing up your interiors. Yes, believe us when we say that your little munchkins are going to be super busy at home and even enjoy playing here and wouldn’t mess or harass you. For this, you’ll have to just build a play area for kids in your backyard or deck! And remember, physical exercise is a very important part of growing up. So, isn’t it a win-win situation?

Step by step guide to building an awesome play area on your property!

Nerve-wracking about which area of your house you can utilize to build a play area? Whether it’s your backyard, front one, deck or terrace you plan to allot for the purpose, it would work, as long it’s a bit wide to fit in the equipment and can keep your little ones safe. And no, don’t worry! It wouldn’t even cost you much. Just a little investment which would be seen bearing its fruits when your kids play here and enjoy themselves. So, are you ready with a pen and a paper to jot down the step by step guide to build a play area on your property for your kids?

Fences are safer

You may consider the safest area in your home for the play section, but you know kids! They can attract danger like a magnet. So, cut short the risks and go for temporary or permanent fences as per your need.

Artificial grass to create the feel

If you are making a play area, let it look more natural, go for artificial grass. Not only will it enhance the look of the area with the lush green carpet, but it would also be safer (and softer) for the kids in case they fall down.

Get the right equipment

Now comes the best part! Get the playground equipment from Austek Play according to your kid’s age and choice. They have got the best quality stuff, like — attractive swings, slides, rope play and everything your child would require for a fun time in this space.

Keep sports in mind

Now the play area doesn’t mean that you’ll have to only concentrate on toys and swings. Sports are important criteria for growing up too. Save some ground area (if you have enough space) for cycling, skating, and badminton too.

Did you forget motor skills and learning?

 Never underestimate the power of play to help your kids learn more. They’ll enhance their motor skills through playing with slime, clay, sand, etc. Also, keep some colors and paints here along with books and papers to help them be creative. Seal it with a blackboard and chalks if your kids love to imitate teachers.

Keep party in mind

When there’s a kid’s special area, they are going to invite buddies to enjoy it with them! Be always ready for such play dates with bouncy castles and small pools in the area.

That is the basic you can do for designing an excellent play area for your child! Beyond this, use your creativity and ask your child’s preference — and add as much fun factor as you can! 

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