Best Places to Eat in Bangkok


Terminal 21

Terminal 21 has one of the largest food courtyards in the city: Pier 21, its wide selection of cuisine, in addition to its affordable prices, make it one of the best places to eat for those traveling on a limited budget. The food court in Terminal 21 is on the top floor, and its San Francisco decor is charming and extraordinary for all who visit it. Most of the cuisine here is Thai, but visitors will also find from western to Chinese food, among traditional Thai cuisine. Pier 21 looks like an outdoor food market, but without the heat. From fresh smoothies to vegetarian stalls, there is no shortage of gourmet finds in this cheap find. This is one of the best places to eat cheaply in Bangkok.

Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant

If you are not sure what you are aiming for, go to the Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant. This restaurant has all the cheap meals you need to satisfy both your wallet and your palette, which serves Thai, Muslim and Indian cuisine. The dishes are also made to share, so restaurant customers can save a few baht here and there by splintering and splitting the bill. With masalas starting at just over $ 2 and extra roti for less than $ 1, this is a restaurant that budget diners should check in the City of Los Angeles.

Buono @ Basement

This small restaurant in the basement of a building near Ari continues to exceed our already high expectations with each new dish. From vegetarian salad to pizza, this restaurant has everything hungry customers need to satisfy their hunger and a tight budget. Things like pizza and sandwiches, which would cost diners an arm and a leg in other parts of the city, only cost a few dollars atBuono @ Basement. The sandwiches start at ฿ 69 and there is garlic bread for ฿ 49, which is a bargain compared to other restaurants in Bangkok. While the decoration is nothing flashy and the restaurant itself is small, visitors will leave full and with plenty of free space.

Cozy House Restaurant

The Cozy House restaurant is the triple threat of restaurants. From the wide selection of food to the atmosphere and, more importantly, the affordability of the menu, we see no reason why people who eat on a budget should not visit this restaurant. The menu is not likely to disappoint, with A variety of different cuisines and types of meals to choose from, which include vegetarian, breakfast, European, Thai and much more. The Cozy House restaurant is just a few minutes’ walk from the infamous Khao San Road, making it a great place to eat something for backpackers on a budget.

Susie Wong’s Beers and Buns

Visitors who want to eat cheap usually go to a street vendor and buy one or two pork sticks. This is especially true on the famous Khao San Road, a street full of cheap Thai noodle carts waiting to feed drunk tourists. We suggest you go to Susie Wong’s beers and buns. This restaurant serves alcoholic drinks and delicious sandwiches at reasonable prices. The sandwiches of this restaurant are full of delicious ingredients, and it is one of the best restaurants in the entire city of Bangkok. This restaurant is the perfect dinner place for tourists traveling to Khao San Road for a party.

Little Beast

Little Beast Bangkok brings its exclusive tapas restaurant concept to one of the capital’s coolest neighborhoods, with the modern gastronomic bar hidden in the back of Thonglor Soi 13. The use of strong American flavors prepared with classic French culinary techniques is obvious. The restaurant is a labor of love for Chef Nan and her team. The result is a relaxed dining room where you can enjoy dishes prepared by experts in an informal atmosphere find out ac repair installation in ashland va. Recently we visited this restaurant that is talked about so much to see why its French bistro and the modern American crossover menu have become a place of great audience among the local Tonglor and the expat crowd.


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