Best Keyboards for Android and iOS (2020)

Today we bring you a compilation with the 08 best digital keyboards for your Android or iPhone, both big names like Gboard and Swiftkey as other alternatives that can serve you if one of these fails as it has been happening to Gboard or you are simply looking for a different experience.

We have from keyboards that are authentic heavyweights in the sector to some much more independent open source. There are also those that maximize customization options, or try to help you write more efficiently or have no problems when pressing the buttons if you do not have a good view. Above all here the most important questions how you may choose the best keyboard app for your android? We are 100% no body wants to ruins his money. What you need to do so? You just need to visit the websites like the buyers trend to know and learn more about the top product reviews and buying guides online on Amazon. Let’s check the few of the best android keyboard Apps 2020. 

List of Best Android Keyboard Apps

  • Swiftkey

For years it is one of the best virtual keyboards that you can use on your mobile, the reference one thanks to its intelligent autocorrect system that learns not only what you type. It also has other weapons, such as learning your strange words and suggesting them also when you start writing them.

You can also link accounts in other services to learn from everything you write. It also has a good collection of themes and many options to configure it to your liking. In this case, you don’t have Google as a Gboard, but you still have the support of an important company like Microsoft, owner of the application.

  • Gboard

We’ve already talked to you in Basics about everything you can do with Gboard, the Google keyboard for Android or iOS devices. It is without a doubt, and with Swiftkey’s permission, one of the reference keyboards thanks to the possibilities of simultaneous translation with Google Translator, emoji search engine or to be able to create your own stickers or gifs.

It also allows you to use it with several languages ​​at the same time; it has an integrated clipboard, gesture actions, dictation to write and many other options that make it almost essential. Another of his good news is that it is a live project in which Google continues to implement news from time to time.

  • AnySoftKeyboard

Quite the opposite that Gboard is this AnySoft keyboard, since instead of having a large company behind those stores its code with zeal, it is one of the few open source keyboards you can find, although it is only available on Android. It is also fully customizable; another aspect that makes it stands out.

The keyboard allows you to install external language packs, as well as dictionaries to complete words automatically. It also completes the names of your contacts, and has a predictive text system. In addition, it offers multitouch, voice input, swipe to write, and theme support. 

  • Chrooma

Chrooma Keyboard is a keyboard that has as one of its hallmarks the color change according to which you use the app you have open. In this way, the keyboard will always adapt to what you are using, and you will not have to worry about putting a theme that will later look bad with certain apps.

This idea has already been matched by other existing keyboards, but Chrooma has also moved token matching the most essential features that you can already find in others. It has word and emoji prediction, GIF search, finger swipe writing or night mode. You also have different textures to design your look.

  • Fleksy

A keyboard that also bets on personalization with several themes, including a chameleon such as Chrooma to change the color depending on the color of the app you have open. However, it also has some defect, such as not being able to write by sliding your finger or a predictive text that is not top-notch.

However, it can make you forget that thanks to the modularity offered by its Fleksy apps, mini applications integrated in the keyboard with which you can add add-ons and functions, such as GIF search, integration with Yelp or Spotify, sticker packs or contextual actions to tackle tasks depending on what you are writing.

  • Typewise

Until now, Typewise was in beta and under invitation, but it is finally available to everyone with its curious design with hex keys. These are larger, and the keyboard includes the occasional special key that disappears and is replaced by gestures on the keyboard. And if it does not convince you, it also has a more conventional way with the appearance of life-long keyboards.

It also has a gesture system to add faster when writing, such as deleting with a swipe or displaying the Emojis and number by moving the number key up. It is free to download for basic tools and has a subscription to unlock advanced use. In addition, the full keyboard is also available with a single payment.

  • Kika Keyboard

In this list we have several keyboards that focus on customization, and Kika is possibly one of the biggest heavyweights in this regard, since it has more than 3,000 themes available to install with which to make it look like a totally different keyboard.

Includes support for more than 60 languages, finger swiping and search and sending of GIFs But what really makes it stand out customization. Beyond its themes, you can even use any image of your mobile to put it on the keyboard background.

  • Minuum

A keyboard that seeks to convince those who do not want the keys to occupy almost the entire screen and end up losing the notion of what and where you are typing. This is a normal-looking keyboard, but that allows you to compress the size of its keys so that they take up as little space as possible.

It also has other interesting extras, such as a floating mode to put it in the location you want on the screen and shortcuts for quick actions such as deleting or using voice input. It also has tools to control the clipboard or check your writing speed.


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