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A magnetic , musically astute performer with dynamic energy , Emcee and DJ Khushboo Kapoor has entertained the world with her unique brand of high energy performances since a decade with over 3000 shows to her credit .

Emcee and DJ Khushboo Kapoor has surpassed the milestones and established the benchmarks that have the power to inspire . She has been honoured and hailed by audiences and peers alike as a stellar performer and is recognised all over the world as an ambassador of Indian Bollywood Dance Music .

She has recently performed at Reliance Greens , Jamnagar for Ambanis as a DJ and Emcee on its Annual Day celebration . Mrs Kokila Ben Ambani , Mother of Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani graced the occasion .

This concert of hers saw the presence of more than 30000 people who enjoyed her music and danced the night away . She has been appreciated by whole Reliance Family for her dedication , enthusiasm , energy and for the wave of entertainment that she brings on the stage .

Famous Stand up Comedian VIP applauded her for her great audience connect , sense of humour , voice throw , comic punches and for her stage presence while emceeing & DJing .

DJ Khushboo Kapoor has her unique artistic style of blending international sounds with Indian Bollywood ones . Apart from Djing and Anchoring , Khushboo Kapoor is also into Acting and Singing .

Her Tiktok videos gets numerously shared and appreciated by one and all on social media platforms . Khushboo Kapoor is verified on Facebook Page and Facebook account and has a very strong fan following on Facebook , Instagram , LinkedIn and Tiktok .

Khushboo is also associated with social work activities and has been recently awarded as Jewel of India for all the charity work that she has been doing since a decade for the society and needy people .

Khushboo Kapoor is also into Solo Travelling and has been recognised as the most sought after solo traveller of India . She has travelled to 60 + countries all alone and is an inspiration to youngsters and masses . Her travel stories are quite famous on Instagram and Facebook .

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