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New Yorkers eat breakfast on the go. On the road between metro stations and offices, there are counters with a massive selection of different breakfasts. Always order a coffee without milk! Otherwise, you will be given coffee with skim milk that tastes like water. Keep in mind, when you order breakfast at one of these counters, sellers are usually a little impatient and do not like it when people order too long. For a more pleasant atmosphere, go to breakfast at one of the classic American cafes – ‘diners.’ Before-mentioned places located throughout the city. I advise you to dine in one of the New York diners at least once during your stay.


  • Breakfast at diners cafe

Breakfast at diners cafe is very cheap. For $ 8 – $ 9, you will be offered two-egg fried eggs, toast, potatoes, bacon, coffee, and a glass of juice. For dinner, do not forget to leave a tip, on average, tips in restaurants are approximately 15% – 20% of the total bill. In some establishments, tips included in the bill, check on the check.

New Yorkers usually order two-egg fried eggs, white bread toast, bacon, coffee, and a small glass of orange juice. At the diners cafe, having paid for one cup of coffee, you can ask for supplements for free at any time.


  • Tom’s Restaurant

Restaurant Tom’s – a family restaurant began its work in 1940. It located in the Morningside Heights area, where they once filmed the popular Seinfeld show.


  • Ellen’s Stardust Diner

If you want to visit an unusual place, go to Ellen’s Stardust Diner, at Broadway and 51st Street (near Times Square). The highlight of this institution is that all the attendants are singers, entertaining visitors with pop numbers throughout the day.

Come here from 08:00 – 08:30, the rest of the time here is too crowded. Waiters start singing from approximately 08:00 on weekends (during the week they start a little later). Breakfast here is slightly more expensive than in other cafes, approximately $ 8 – $ 9. On weekends, prices do not change.


  • Theater row diner

Theater Row is one of the most stylish cafes in New York. Here you can often see many Broadway actors, as the cafe located very close to the theaters. Great pancakes and waffles are made here at very affordable prices. The cafe is open from 06:00 – 01:00.


  • Westway diner

Westway Diner opened in 1988, and since then has been working around the clock for the entire week. Here you can order a traditional American diner, and all the dishes are quite simple. All the attendants of this establishment are in a constant hurry, and I advise you to make a choice before the waiter comes to your table. At this place, I recommend not to order dishes separately, choose one of the ready-made combinations with coffee or juice.


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