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One of the most advanced and well-developed area in medical allied sciences is the discipline of dentistry. As social beings our mouth plays a crucial role not only in matters of consuming food and physical health but also it plays a vital role with how we interact with other beings. As social animals we tend to use our mouths for more than chewing foods but rather we also use this to show emotion, and even use it to convey messages and affection.

Because it is underrated as a social body part, what happens is that many people tend to abuse its use and finds it hard to maintain its healthy state leading to mouth diseases and the degradation of the human teeth; people tend to be more conscious and less confident when they have tooth decays and bad breath because it impedes with our social interaction and social relations with other people. But one thing that we have not comprehended is that one of the things that plays a huge part in our oral health is our saliva.

Aside from it being a lubricant which allows us to swallow efficiently and to breathe moist air, the saliva plays as a protective agent against mouth germs and bacteria, thus leading to healthier oral health. Recently they also found that oral health could be diagnosed with the aid of the human saliva; this test is called saliva testing

Here are benefits of saliva testing:

Periodontal Diseases

Since the diagnostic test is basically non-intrusive it is easier to administer and most people would opt for it since it does not involve any procedure that may cause severe pain or discomfort, but rather the test is comfortably light, efficient, and practical for the patient. Dental saliva testing is pretty much very accepted as a means of diagnostics among allied healthcare professionals, especially among dentists.


dental saliva testing
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Recent study also showed that this type of oral diagnosis could help detect periodontal diseases among adults. Furthermore, early detection of the disease could greatly aid in addressing it and maintaining healthy oral practices.


Recent student has also shown that dental saliva test could in fact help detect cancer. With saliva as a source of many secretions such as hormones and other bodily fluids attached and mixed with it, it could potentially help with the evaluation and detection of possible malignant diseases and disorders among the adult population.

Saliva could soon help in detecting these diseases with efficiency and accuracy, and could become health markers for to aid in prediction, progress and development and even determine such disorders with pinpoint accuracy without the invasive procedures that we have as of the moment. If such research is further developed, saliva could be very beneficial among many bodily fluids which has the potential for early diagnostics and detection of other diseases not only cancer.

Other Oral Issues

Saliva could also point to markers of other oral issues and diseases such as oral lichen and the likes. Because of the development in biochemistry, saliva could now become biomarkers in detecting these oral diseases which could lead to its early detection and early addressed oral diseases which could save lives.

The mouth one of the most important body parts we have, we must learn how to keep it healthy.

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