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I have been living in the same apartment for the last ten years. It was November 2009 when I bought this apartment from my savings that’s why it is always very close to my heart. I do not know how these ten years went away like the wind. I still remember when I first held my daughter in my hands and took her to this home. Now she is 7 years old. Everything seems as it happened yesterday. I remember how beautifully I decorated my room and selected the color scheme for my apartment. After ten years in March 2020, I think not only I but also my home is covering the stages of old age and I never wanted it to happen. My little princess has drawn many pictures on walls. So I decided to change the color scheme of my house. Likewise, I decided to go for the kitchen and bathroom renovation.

The bathtub reglazing services in Toronto proved to be fecund for my family because it helped to change the outlook of the bathroom. My daughter is very crazy about selecting a pink color bathtub but it was expensive for me to buy a new one. For this reason, I selected the refinishing facility because it did not put a burden on my pocket. The condition of the bathtub was not satisfactory. There were many cracks and chips on the bathtub. With the passage of time, dirt, soap residues, germs, and grease has been accumulated there. It looks offensive and pervades a bad smell. Some glutinous spots are stubborn to clean and the cleaning process requires a lot of time. The cast iron taps and shower were rusted as well. Additionally, the enamel of the bathtub has been started to peel off. The bathtub refinishing in Toronto is the all-time best option to get rid of all these problems in less duration of time without spending money to buy expensive items.

It was 9:00 am on Sunday when the contractor came and examine the area where refinishing has to be done. This examination helped him to adopt the right strategy at the right time with preventive measures. The first step was site preparation; he removed caulking to protect it from any damage. It was followed by a two-step cleaning techniques. By using high quality chemicals and cleaning tools, they removed soap scum, oil or grease spots, dirt particles, or any other substance on the bathtub. The bathtub refinishing in Toronto gives you exact results as you want. He prepared the filling material to seal cracks, chips, or dents on the bathtub. It helped to fill them evenly. It was of dark green and it became pale yellow once it was dried.

I continuously keep on asking about every single for my knowledge. Even minute details were dealt with professional care. He used acid for etching purpose to adhere to the final coat on it. This step created a lot of dust and fumes that were removed by the exhaust fan. It was the turn of the bonding agent to be applied on the surface. The application of the bonding agent helps in the adherence of primer and final coat. The bathtub reglazing services in Torontosatisfied me by all means by providing exceptional services. Once the bonding agent was dried, the primer was applied. The expert technician applied 4 layers of primer one after another. The primer was allowed to set and dried. In the last stage, the top-coat was applied on the primer that restored the gloss and shine of the bathtub. It took just a few hours to change the outlook of my bathroom. On the next day, the resurface came to buff the bathtub and applied polisher. After that, my bathtub was ready to use.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed floor tiles refinishing services in Toronto that give a high-ended look to my house. The floor tiles were deteriorating due to damage. Their surface has become rough and dull. The natural shine of floor tiles was decreased due to improper cleaning. Their specialized types of equipments removed all debris and filled the cracks with sealants. On the ceramic tiles, sanding was done to roughen the surface. The vacuum drier helped to eliminate the dust particles produced during the sanding stage. Then primer was applied. On primer, the enamel was sprayed with the help of an air-brush machine. The refinisher waited for it to dry completely and then applied top-coat on it. The floor tiles refinishing services in Torontoare simple and convenient alternativesrather than replacing them with new tiles. Everything in the bathroom is looking fresh and hygienic. Moreover, the contractor advised me not to use harsh chemicals or abrasive tools to increase the durability of floor tiles and bathtubs.

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