Hormonal Acne as the name reflects is powered by fluctuations in your hormones. It appears in adults especially in females between 20-40 years of age. 40 plus women may also fall prey to this as they enter the phase of menopause. Acne is a very common problem may make it difficult to recognize hormonal acne from regular pimples. here we have gathered hints you can rely on to confirm whether you are suffering from hormonal acne. Some natural ingredients that can help to clear the zit and a bit on the diet that makes acne less troublesome.


Hormonal acne has certain characteristic symptoms such as these discussed below:

If you are into your twenties and beyond and still acne takes pleasure in visiting you once a month its hormonal acne. Especially if it appears around your monthly period and appears on your chin and jawline its hormonal acne. One of the identifying features of hormonal acne is deep cysts that do not bump on the surface and stay deep in the skin plus are tender to touch. genetics also tends to play an important role in the likelihood of having hormonal acne.

Causes of Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne is caused by increased production of hormones like:

  • Estrogen
  • Progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • Cortisol

These four hormones are intricately linked to women’s health and have a significant effect on acne too. levels of estrogen and progesterone continue to vary throughout the month and also affect the level of testosterone. High levels of these hormones increase the amount of sebum in the skin which leads to entrapment of bacteria and hence inflammation.
Cortisol the stress hormone also has a noticeable effect on these hormones and is associated with hormonal acne due to its influence in other hormones.

What is the Treatment of Hormonal Acne?

There are many treatment options for the resolution of hormonal acne. you can consult with your healthcare provider to know which is the best method for you. log on to marham.pk to find and consult the best skin specialist in Pakistan. Marhma offers online appointment booking, location a doctor near you, plus the service of online audio or video consultation can also be availed using this platform.

Treatment options for hormonal acne include the following:

Over-the-counter products

These are the medicines and chemicals you can get from a pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription. Over-the-counter products that contain chemicals mentioned below are your best options.

  • Salicylic Acid
  • Glycolic acid
  • Probiotics

These help to clear up acne by controlling inflammation. Probiotics control the microbial flora on the skin and also enhance penetration of other topical aids used for the treatment of acne. These are available in the form of cleansers, lotions, and creams. You can opt for one that suits you better.

Topical Retinoids

Among the first line of defense against hormonal acne are the topical retinoids. These should best be used only and as prescribed by your dermatologist. These are harsh chemicals that can result in sensitive skin, redness, painful skin and flakiness. Your doctor might suggest drinking more water and a frequency that will suit your specific skin condition. Also, these medicines are not suitable for pregnant women or women who plan to have a child in the upcoming 6-8months.

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills do a lot in clearing up acne and some of these are FDA approved for use in the treatment of hormonal acne. You may ask your doctor regarding this and he can guide you on what’s suitable for you.

Anti Androgen Drugs

Antiandrogen medicines help to cut the excess amount of androgens that are the male hormones and a cause of acne. these medicines work well by countering acne cysts and also decrease the amount of oil on the skin.


A firm defense against acne is isotretinoin which is a form of vitamin A. It works by helping skin regenerate quickly and reduces the amount of oil on the skin. it is usually used after all other medicines like antibiotics be ineffective.

Natural Ways to Combat Hormonal Acne

Some natural ingredients have great powers to help you in the battle against acne. Here are some:

  • Drink a cup or two of green tea daily. It helps t remove toxins from your body and posses mild anti-inflammatory properties as well.
  • Eat more plant-based foods and rely less on animal products. eat antioxidant-rich foods these can help to decrease irritation in the skin.

Lifestyle changes to Tame Hormonal Acne

Small tweaks in daily life although they do not work well for controlling hormonal acne completely but watching how you care for your skin and changing it to suit your skin needs may help you deal with hormonal acne in a better way. Here are a few lifestyle changes that can aid you in better management of hormonal acne.

  • Don’t scrap and pick on acne. If you find a pimple bleeding or oozing clear it up and use a good astringent afterward. always wash your hands after touching your acne and do not touch with infected hands on other areas.
  • It might be tempting to wash your face again and again but limit washing your face to twice daily. also, avoid using harsh chemicals and facewashes with scrubbing action.
  • Hold the use of makeup products especially while you have an acne breakout. Ingredients in makeup may irritate already agitated skin and clog pores further aggravating the problem.
  • Use a moisturizer although this may be the last thing you would like to apply to oily skin. Your skin still needs moisture. Opt for one composed for acne-prone skin, is water-based, and has a term mentioned that is “non-comedogenic” which means it does not clog pores.
  • Always wash your face after your workout or come from a humid environment.

Lastly find and consult the best dermatologist in town to fix hormonal acne. You can use marham.pk to locate the best dermatologist in your city. Authentic patient reviews and ratings on doctors profiles guide you to find the most suitable healthcare professional for your needs.

Everyone has a smartphone with a high-quality camera. Why not use it for some creative purpose? Yes, you can start vlogging with your phone. All you need is passion and consistency.

I know many vloggers who start making videos with their phones and they are dominating the Youtube and other video sharing platforms nowadays.

What is Vlogging

Vlogging is a sort of blog that includes video. Video is the best way to keep your audience engaged. The latest research shows people are more tend to watch videos instead of reading articles.

This article will let you know how to start vlogging with your phone.

Tips on How to Start Vlogging With Phone

1. Follow Your Passion

There are different types of vlogs i-e travel vlogging, education vlog, adventure vlog, How-to vlog etc. You can choose the one that best suits your personality.

Vlogging is something that needs a lot of consistency and patience. You will not get instant results. To turn yourself into a brand, you need to start making videos about a topic you love.

If you are a footballer, start making videos related to football. If you don’t follow your passion, you will end up making videos within months or less.

2. Equipment

Some people thought that equipment is the most important thing for starting a vlog. That’s not true. I believe, you must have the passion and consistency to start and maintain your vlogging channel.

All you need is a simple phone stand for recording and a smartphone with high-quality camera. You can find some DIY ideas to make a tripod at home.

You can start with zero investment but the thing that matters is your love with the topic you choose.

3. Shoot in Landscape Mode

Vlog is not about covering only your face. It is a way you show the world with some creative tips and ideas. To keep your audience engage, you have to cover your surrounding in the video.

Landscape mode will help you capture the objects in your surroundings. It also helps you creating a high-quality video.

4. Video Resolution

A technical tip for recording a vlog on your phone could be on video resolution. Now, many of the newcomers who simply grab their phones to start shooting might end up having the video result issue and complain that after uploading to YouTube, the result of their vlogs was simply sabotaged.

This happens when you don’t match the recording resolution on your phone with your export resolution on the software.

Let’s say you are recording your vlog in 720p using your phone and when you export the edited vlog from your software, you simply export it in 1080p resolution, it would kill the video quality due to the difference in both resolutions.

So always match that and your exported file will work better. A secret tip is that you always export in WMV format instead of AVI or MP4. It would improve the quality of the video on YouTube.

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5. Make a Catch Thumbnail

A catchy thumbnail can attract more visitors to your vlog. You can use an online tool like Canva to capture the stunning thumbnail for free. Use your picture in thumbnail along with the attractive text.

Try something unique, you don’t need to write the whole title on the thumbnail. Just grab your mobile phone and search for creative ideas related to thumbnail text. A single line of unique text can attract millions of visitors to your video.

6. Power of Social Media

Social media can play the most crucial role in promoting your video to different platforms and people around the world. When you start vlogging, nobody knows you. It is social media that can make you popular within days.

If you are not sharing your videos on popular social media platforms, you are missing the biggest marketing channel to attract new visitors to your vlog. I use Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook to engage more audience.

I hope this article on how to start vlogging with your phone will help you out in making videos with your phone.

Tying shoes is a time consuming process. Proper time management is a crucial part of your life when you are running a business. You need to consider certain things to properly manage your meetings and office timing.

No tie shoelaces help in saving your time. You don’t need to worry about tying your shoes when you are using the best no tie shoelaces with your boats.

There are different varieties of no tie shoelaces available in the market. You can use no tie shoes with any type of shoes you own. Whether you are an athlete or working in an office, no tie shoelaces are going to make your life easier. This article will discuss some of the benefits of no tie shoelaces.

Benefits of No Tie Shoelaces

1. Stay Comfortable All Day Long 

If you are a nurse and work standing all day long on your feet, no tie shoelaces will help you in keeping your feet comfortable. The soft grip of no tie shoelaces will keep active all day.

Your feet feel a small amount of swelling when you stand all day at work. Most of the nurses often face this issue. They have to serve the patients all day and as a result, they feel uncomfortable and tired.

No tie shoelaces are made of elastic material and they can expand according to your feet. It provides a consistent comfort to feet all day.

2. Reduce Overheating and Increase Circulation

 Standing all day long causes several issues like overheating and low circulation of blood. The not tie shoelaces can expand and create enough space for proper circulation of air.

Thus your feet remain comfortable and the blood circulation remains consistent. No tie shoelaces also maintain the pressure inside shoes and thus it reduces the overheating.

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3. Won’t Come Loose During the Day

The best thing about no tie shoelaces is you don’t need to tie them again and again. Once you tied them, it won’t come loose the whole day.

If you involve in any sort of work that associated with running or walking fast, the not tie shoelaces are the best option for you. For example, you are an athlete, you often run fast during practice.

No tie shoelaces work perfectly in such situations when compared to standard shoelaces.

4. Eliminate Lace Migration

Lace migration is the gradual movement of your laces toward the bend of your foot. It often causes foot pain. You don’t need to worry about the lace migration if you are using the no tie shoelaces.

No tie shoelaces mitigate this problem and keep your feet comfy all day. While using no tie shoelaces with your shoes you will feel fewer blisters and low heat friction.


I’ll highly recommend using no tie shoelaces but you need to go through proper research before buying the no tie shoelaces. There are different types of shoelaces available in the market and you need to buy the best compatible no tie laces for your shoes.

I hope this article will help you in getting to know the different benefits of no tie shoelaces. Check out fitflopshoessite.com for detailed guides related to shoes and other relevant stuff.

Taking stunning outdoor photos is the dream of every photographer. Photography is an art and you can get expertise by clicking more and more images.

 Being a portrait photographer, you need to do some homework before starting your work. This article will discuss the outdoor portrait photography tips that will help you capture the stunning photos.

Capturing the outdoor photos is always a challenging task. You need to keep certain things in mind before starting your work.

 Weather, light, background, time of the day, etc are some of the factors that affect the quality of outdoor photographs.

Here are some of the tips you need to capture the stunning portraits.

Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Capturing the object in direct light causes some issues. Your photo will look blurry and blackish. The best time for shooting the outdoor photographs is time before sunlight.

Yes, the evening time, when the sun is going down. You have a chance of capturing the stunning photos at this time of the day.

If you are going to shoot in day time you need to use shaded and covered areas. Also, try to avoid the addition of object shadow in the picture. The object shadow is not a good practice when talking about outdoor photography.

2. Use A Flash for Better Quality

Flash helps in capturing clear and noise-free images. Some photographers never recommend the use of flash while capturing the images. But you need to adapt your own style.

Photography is not just limited to capturing the photos, it is creativity. You need to use your own skills to add the extra layer of uniqueness to images.

You have to use use the flash during the night time if you don’t have proper lighting equipment. At the same time, when you use flash in the day time, your photos will be noise-free. Check out related posts on our blog Things To Consider When Starting Your Own Wedding Photography Business.

3. Keep Focus on Eyes

When capturing the object, you need to keep the eyes of the object in focus. Eyes can add glory to the portrait images. When you focus the eyes, it means the whole face of the object is in focus.

4. Use Shallow Depth of Field

While capturing the outdoor portraits, you need to use a wide aperture lens. The wide aperture lens expands the details of the picture and helps in getting a shallow depth of field.

You can make one time investment in a wide aperture fast lens and get the benefit for your whole photography career.

5. Use the Perfect Lens

Camera lenses with long focal lengths are the best options for capturing the amazing outdoor portrait photos. The longer is the focal length, more will be the sharpness of your object. Check out the detailed guide about the best canon lens for portraits and wedding photography to choose the best lens according to your requirements.  

Most of the photographers use lenses with a focal length of 120mm to 200mm. The telephoto lenses also work great for capturing the outdoor photos due to a shallow depth of field.


Taking stunning photos is the dream of every photographer, but this dream is not easy to achieve. It doesn’t mean that it is a very difficult job to capture the outdoor portrait photos, you can achieve your goals by learning new skills and shooting more and more images.

Every time you capture an object, you need to check the complete details of the image. Check out what are the issues with the image and try to improve in your next shoot.

If you are looking for the best camera lens review, check out lensmatrics.com. I hope these outdoor portrait photography tips will help you out in capturing the stunning photos. Share this article with the community around you if you find it helpful.