With the increased usage and emergence of smartphones and devices, we search for everything on our mobile devices on Google. Also, the websites now developed are mobile-responsive and not just desktop ones. So, if your website is mobile-responsive, then you don’t need to worry at all. But, if your website isn’t mobile responsive, then you just need to check your website with different mobile devices in all the ways if it is really looking great on all the devices.

Google has recently brought a change in its indexing pattern in relevance to the websites. This means that the search index will now have significant consequences for websites of all sizes. Google has made its latest effort to adjust its search algorithm in such a way that it will make it easy for the people to search for websites on their mobile devices rather than on desktops or laptops. This effort has been named as “mobile-first” indexing. The name itself suggests that the mobile sites will be indexed in priority to the desktop sites due to the increased search by the users on their mobile devices and smartphones. This indirectly emphasizes on developing mobile sites and so the era of mobile-responsive sites has taken a rise.

This experiment will enhance the user experience in relevance to their search on their smartphones which will also increase the search ranking of these sites. The Google algorithm will clearly understand the structured data of the webpages and will bring those snippets from the pages to the results. Google emphasizes over mobile over desktops for over a year now in determining the indexing and ranks of the websites of all sizes. The latest announcement of shift and the implementation of the same has also made the developers and the IT departments aware of the mobile-responsiveness and also change their approach toward designing sites. This will bring a big change in the ranking of the sites as the sites working well with the mobile devices, will rank better in the search ranking by the search engines. Also, this will affect drastically the advertising infrastructure of the websites supported by Google.

Moreover, Google also announced that its search algorithm would give more significance to those sites that are mobile-friendly or offer mobile-friendly versions to its users. Google has also supplied a tool to the businesses to check whether sites are suitable for the new criteria. Later on, Google also undertook a study and revealed that desktop sites were taken over by the mobile sites or mobile versions due to the increased and significant use of mobile devices by people to search the content on the web. This further prioritized the mobile search over the desktop search and it showed a significant effect on the search ranking of the sites searched on the smartphones compared to those searched on the desktops.

There are developers and IT departments who are not sure whether their sites meet the new criteria and for them, Google has laid down some points to be considered which are as follows:

  • The developers have to make sure that their sites offer a structured mark up for both desktops as well as mobile versions.
  • While adding the structured data to a mobile site, avoid adding a large amount of structured data that is irrelevant to the content of the webpages of your mobile site.
  • You need to make sure that your site is using robots.txt as a testing tool for verifying that your mobile version is accessible to Googlebot.

If you have a desktop website only, then Google will continue to index your website as a desktop website even if Google user is using his mobile device to view your site. This means that you need to upgrade your desktop website to a mobile version to increase your search ranking on Google and also it will increase the conversion rate of your website due to the increased number of users accessing your site for their search content on their mobile devices.

Thus, according to the latest announcement by Google, it is significant that you upgrade your website to a mobile version or develop your new websites that offer mobile-friendliness. This will again, affect your search rankings significantly in Google search.