Thanks to these places, you won’t miss the release of important sports or favourite shows, even when travelling.

All of these services have mobile device applications and offer legitimate access to popular multilingual channels. You can watch them for free or pay for premium features.


The application shows that all TV channels are live; there is no function to display the records. Some content can be viewed for free, but with advertising. You can also choose paid subscription options to allow access to specific groups of premium channels.

Tviz can also be used as a companion app for TVs. It identifies the broadcast you watch on your TV via audio and immediately displays the profile: name, description, official site, calendar and other data. In addition, Tviz broadcasts detailed television programs and informs you of the programs that you do not want to miss.


Peers.TV shows have live streaming options and provide access to newer shows. You can also add a recording of a program to your profile for a maximum of one month. With Peers.TV you can also watch TV shows and movies.

In free mode, ads are broadcast and certain channels are blocked. However, the service offers two options for paid subscriptions. First, disable your ads and unlock the 5 pay channels you want. The second level gives full access to content but to advertising.

Additionally, it should be noted that you can download radio and movies to your device for offline viewing. The functionality is free, but you can only download content from channels that are open to everyone or available in a price package.

Lime HD TV:

The number of channels available to a particular user depends on the platform and the pricing plan chosen. For example, you can watch 50 channels for free with ads through the Lyme HD TV mobile app. Owners charge a small monthly subscription due to lack of advertising on Android and iOS. To connect to the remaining channels, you have to pay extra. For other platforms, only the paid prices are available.

In Lime HD TV you can watch live and recent TV shows. In addition, some prices include the cost of watching movies and TV shows in online cinemas.


The web service shows a program of more than 200 TV channels. But you can only see a quarter of it. Users can enjoy the live broadcast of these channels as well as recordings of certain series, movies and shows. There are no apps for Android, iOS and other platforms.


With the SPB TV service, you can watch live TV shows and videos from the latest shows. There are also movies and series on the website.

Like other similar services, a free version of SPB TV ads is displayed and some content is blocked. The site also provides full access to TV shows and movie libraries and disables advertising.

With the pause feature, you can stop watching the program and then return at the same time. But only subscribers have this option.

Tropical Rain

Participants formed a circle. The presenter is in the middle: “Now we’re all causing warm tropical rain. Everyone should be quieter because they want to hear the rain better.” Then the leader showed movements, turned gradually and looked again at the person’s participation. The participant who watches the presenter begins to repeat the actions behind him.

The Hamster

Everyone makes a circle. The first competitor started with a story like “I have a hamster in my house and he has such legs”. The following repeats the actions of the previous participant and continues the story: “I have a hamster living at home, he has such ears” etc. according to the snowball principle. At the end of the story, the whole team signed the high ball and we just told them.


  • Rub the palms together
  • Squeeze with your fingers
  • Fold your hands on your chest
  • Pat the knee
  • Stand

The movement then drops from the fifth movement to the first movement.


All players form a circle holding hands, each with their right hand behind their back. Everyone closed their eyes and did not open until the leader had finished speaking. The program manager designates a “killer” by touching one of the participants. The “killer” in the signal sent by the program manager begins to send a certain number of pulses (shaking the neighbour) in any direction, and the received pulses push and cut him with one hand. Impulsive players are killed leaving the game. Then all eyes opened to find out who had been killed. If two people are suspected of murder, they can see the lead in the ears. If they agree, the participant is removed from the game whether or not he is a killer. If they do not agree, they withdraw from the game. The participants’ task is to identify the killer. Indeed this game counts as one of the best indoor games for children to play.


Games are usually grouped in a circle. Choose who you want to chat with. Participants need to know who this person is associated with or who. For example, this person suddenly becomes:

  • A tree
  • A painting
  • A song
  • A furniture
  • A river
  • An animal
  • A plant
  • A bird

This year’s season can describe each participant in the game in the metaphorical form: “Hedgehog”, “Eternal Movement”, “Captain Frengel”, etc.

Comments. The game can be a bit complicated: choose a manager and ask him to leave the premises or be alone. At this point, all participants choose who to chat with. Then invite the driver. Its task is to use the questions (see above) to find out what the players’ associations are and name the participants they are talking about.

If the supplier undertakes this task, the supplier he advises will “run”.

Magic Words

All participants calculated on a “first second” then formed a pair with a “first” and a “second” number. The presenter said, “Close your eyes and imagine a ten-ladder. Find your mood at the time. Mark yourself (you can write it down on paper).” So the “first” digital assignment Yes: Give it to your partner and make positive comments about it. For example: “I’m glad we’re together”, “Your voice is good”, “I like your name”, “You’re good today”, “You have a charming smile”, “You were at the Cool concert yesterday, wait. “Then the guys moved and the” other “number was noisy. All participants were then asked to close their eyes and indicate their mood on a 10-point scale. The results” before “and” after ” must be compared.

Image Makers

Anchor: “We all want to know our impressions of others, their basic opinions about us, but we haven’t noticed them. Now there are opportunities for people to participate in the collective creation of people, that is – try to be the creator of images yourself. ”The player entered the centre of the circle. The leader asked the children: What are your impressions of seeing our heroes? What image can I create for this image? What type of person surrounds him, and what interior or landscape constitutes the background to his portrait? What time did all this happen? What time is our hero every year? Wait

How the problem is chosen must reflect the diversity of the child’s inner world, the characteristics of his behaviour and the nature of the interaction with other members of the team.

Comments. After discussing the pros and cons, you can move on to “image-creating” work to form a positive image of the hero. To do this, these guys have to say the personal qualities required, not the personality.


This game is very similar to the previous one and shows the relationships, empathy and preferences formed in the team.

All participants form a circle. At the command of the boss (by himself) the players are arranged in order.

The first host said, “Five crocodiles fly across the sky.” Player number “5,” asked “Why five?” The host replied, “How much?” The number called by the player does not exceed the number of participants in the game. Now the player whose number has been called starts asking questions and continues the game. For players, it’s important not to get hung up and talk fast.

Gesture Relay

All participants form a circle. The task given to them by the host is to suggest a gesture, an action, a grimace, and everyone will be involved (applause, applause, “horns” of fingers, pressing the nose, smiling face, etc.) once the movements that were invented, they had to be demonstrated to each other and try to remember everything that the other participants had shown.

The facilitator begins the game: he shows his movements as well as the movements sent to the person by the stick. The player’s task is to repeat the previous moves (by the manager), his movements and the movements of the participants forwarded to him. Therefore, each participant shows three movements: the previous participant, his participant and the next participant You can Download Pc Games from IGG Games .

Comments. At first glance (children are often confused, forget to show movements, etc.). However, within 5-7 minutes of the start of the game, you may notice that some movements (and therefore participants) are repeated more often than others. Why? The reason is not that certain movements are more memorable. The practice has shown that they are more likely to choose people who communicate successfully and succeed in any industry.

To make the game fun it is necessary to keep things simple, it must be done in silence.

Within 7 to 8 minutes of starting the game, it can be complicated to give participants the task of doubling the pace of the game.

The game can leave a shocking impression on people from communities who haven’t started yet – try to do it so strangers don’t see it.

Declaration Lessons

The task of childhood is to express the poetry they know (by a combined rhythm and rhythm). This “lesson” generally does not pose serious problems. The next one is much more difficult: read the same poem in the same intonation, with the same rhythm and the same rhythm, while the “student” has to say the words again and make a circle.

Comments. You can hold the same course several times. Improve performance after multiple repetitions? How is the atmosphere for children? Or is it time to change the poem? Ask the children a series of questions: How do they feel in the “lesson”? How successful were they at overcoming psychological barriers (shame, limitation)? How did they join the “class”? How do their feelings change?

Flying Swan

All children from a circle toward the centre. The circles should be wide, so make sure they are 30 to 40 cm apart. Arms extended forward with each participant’s palms stretched out on standing or supported person’s palms.

One of the players started with a number of children: “A swan flies across the blue sky and finds a number …”. Each person mentioned only one word on the counter. One person has to call the number and the next person starts to count. At the same time, all cotton is made in the palms of their neighbours.

The person whose number has finally dropped will not miss it and over time his palm will be removed from the neighbour’s beating.

Losing weight is not easy for many people. The most important thing to lose weight is to reduce the number of calories in the diet, make it high in fibre and protein and speed up metabolism as quickly as possible. In this regard, diet drinks are no less effective than physical exercise and main courses. For its preparation, at first glance, the products are generally used in different combinations, helping to diversify the menu and accelerate weight loss.

The ingredients for drinking weight loss include products that affect metabolic processes and the digestive system. It can be based on water, dairy products, vegetables and juices and green tea. Additives are fruits, berries and vegetables, spices and honey, vinegar and sports supplements (such as proteins), grains, seeds, etc. Here are some popular natural fat burner drinks that are actually effective.

 Sassi Cucumber Water

Sassi water is considered a good way to speed up metabolism. Ginger root promotes the breakdown of fat, prevents fat from being absorbed by food, and cucumber stimulates the removal of excess water from the tissues.

In a glass bowl, cut the ginger root into thin slices, mix with water and cut the lightly rolled mint leaves and cucumber into thin circles. Store in the refrigerator for at least 10 hours. It is recommended to drink water a few days before starting a diet instead of drinking it regularly. You should drink at least 2 litres of drink a day.

Grapefruit & Sea Buckthorn Slimming Drink

The components of this drink speed up metabolism and metabolic processes at the cellular level, which greatly increases the energy consumption in the body and thus stimulates the breakdown of fat in the body.

Dissolve the onion syrup or syrup and ginger puree in the water and mix well. At the same time, cut the grapefruit into small pieces and dip them into future drinks. Put it in the fridge for at least an hour. Drink a small portion of ice cream all day.

Cinnamon with Honey:

Honey is considered a good way to remove excess water from the body, while cinnamon speeds up digestion of food and stimulates peristalsis. Together, they remove toxins from the gut, heal the body, increase metabolism and significantly suppress appetite.

Soften cinnamon in lukewarm water and keep it in a pack or thermos for at least 30 minutes. The beverage base is cooled and honey is added. They drink scented drinks on an empty stomach in the morning and shortly before dinner.

Herbal Slimming Teas:

You can make tea from different recipes depending on the goals you set yourself. For example, to reduce your appetite for a drink, you need to mess with marshmallow, stevia, st. Add John Wort or Spirulina. Burning pods, wild rose and sea wood will help normalize nutritional requirements. Dandelion and ginger roots, Senna leaves, fennel, blueberry flowers and leaves will help remove excess moisture and reduce volume. Turmeric, green tea leaves, kelp and pineapple help accelerate weight loss. To add flavour, you can add blueberries, thyme and mint.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The organic acids found in apple cider vinegar reduce the craving for sweets and regulate appetite. The substances that make up vinegar help break down carbohydrates, normalize the gut flora, increase the overall tone of the body and improve endurance. Beverages should be made from natural apple cider vinegar dissolved in water (only one tablespoon of vinegar can be added to each cup of liquid). It is recommended to drink dietary food on an empty stomach before lunch and dinner and within 60 to 90 minutes thereafter.