In the Philippines, personality training is a very loose subject. It can often be linked to leadership and Christian values education. Even though they are connected, there is still a large defining difference between them. Even if you enroll in the best English school in the Philippines, if you don’t have the right personality, you won’t learn a thing about the subject. The same goes for personal growth.

Personal growth is not a simple improvement. It is something that people actively search for and once they find a flow to it, it can get addicting. Once someone finds consistency in personal growth, they’ll become obsessed with how they can become an even better person than they were before.

Here’s a short discussion on what Personal Growth really is for everyone to understand.

Personal Growth Defined

Personal growth is a concept that means you enthusiastically find ways to grow and improve yourself. Personal growth happens when you strive to become better than you were before.

Everyone can experience personal growth. It’s only a matter of finding where to start. The interesting thing here is that even though it’s so simple on paper, striving for personal growth still needs a significant push from someone or something.

In most cases, people strive for personal growth after realizing that their current state of being is not enough. The search for growth is the effect of realizing that you have so much potential and that you only need to work harder to get it.

personal growth is subjective. It is different from person to person. Bear in mind that this goal for self-improvement depends on the experience of the person beforehand.

Someone who just got the idea that they want to grow has different experiences from someone who wants to grow because they fell short in a job interview. Your current state of being is specific to you—and so are the goals and dreams that you want to achieve.


How Do You Find Personal Growth?

You find personal growth as soon as you start aiming for it. This happens because you fully accept that you have the potential to grow, and it will only need effort, studies, and a bit of your time to reach that potential.

Again, personal growth is different for everybody. Their motivations, their goals, and their dreams may be similar, but the reasoning behind them is unique from person to person.

For example:

Person A was someone that has failed 90% of the job interviews that he went to due to a lack of self-confidence. He sees personal growth as becoming a person who is confident enough to be a successful entrepreneur.

Person B, on the other hand, was someone that has always been a consistent employee. One day, he realized that he can’t live out his life forever as an employee, so he set his goal for personal growth as becoming a person who is confident enough to be a successful entrepreneur.

They both have the same goal, but they have different reasons behind it.

There is no ultimate guide to reaching and being consistent with personal growth simply because the only person you are the only person who can dictate your pace of growth.

Yes, there are guides and instructions that lead to growth and they can be helpful in a lot of ways. But at the end of the day, it is you who will decide whether or not this tactic or strategy worked for you or not.


How Can You Facilitate Personal Growth?

The only way for you to start your journey towards personal growth is to choose it.

Choose to do something about yourself. Choose to become better than who you were in the past. Choose to walk the hardest path and learn from it. Choose to focus on becoming a better person.

The choice is a powerful thing. But most people undermine it. They let their indecision take hold and thus, leave the decision-making to those who are confident enough to choose what they want.

Those that get to choose have control. They have the power to dictate where to go, what to do, and when to do it. Now put that in the context of growth and development. You are the one that can choose to grow. The question is, do you want to?

Facilitating personal growth is a choice. It’s either you pursue it or not. Once you start pursuing it, it’s again your choice to commit to it. Once you start to commit to it, it’s also your choice to expand it.

The choice is always within you. Enabling personal growth is not that hard. It’s choosing and committing to do so that keeps people from it.


Key Takeaway

Anyone can become the person they want to be. They just have to choose how they want to get there. Step-by-step. Not everyone is blessed with advantages in life—but that’s just an obstacle that can be passed. Become your best self by choosing to pursue it now!

Save your newly acquired house and lot for sale in Cavite from the horrors that your pet creates daily. While it is true that having a pet is a great experience because of the company they provide, they can also be quite a nuisance especially when their natural instincts tell them to bury their poop in your hardwood flooring. 

With that, take a look at these obvious tips to maintain your house pet-proof that should serve as a reminder that the little efforts you make should account for bigger beneficial results. 

Keep Your Pets Clean

Get rid of your habit of giving your pet a bath when they already stink or smell funky. While many enthusiasts say giving dogs a bath at least once every three months should rid them of the smell and ticks that might have attached to their skin, washing them as frequently as every other week is more ideal if you live in a rental home. Make sure to use gentle shampoo and conditioner to prevent stinging their eyes. You can find dog-specific shampoo in the market that does not include harsh chemicals.   

Keeping cats clean can be a bit tricky. Cats are naturally fastidious self-cleaners which is why they require lesser baths compared to dogs. Overbathing cats remove their body oils which can cause dander. With this, you can either bathe your cat at least once a month or groom them every day. By simply brushing them daily removes the dust, dirt, and debris that is attached deep into their fur. A suitable brush meant for removing tangled and dead fur should keep your carpets and furniture free of cat furballs. 

Buy a High-quality Vacuum Cleaner

Having pets at home is like having babies around. There is no way around it but cleaning and vacuuming at least once in the morning and evening. Even the most cleaned and bathed dogs or cats would shed their fur around the house. Except, of course, if your pets are hairless or ones that do not shed their fur. Make sure to use a vacuum that is high-powered and can suck the fur stuck in the crevices of carpets, flooring, and the inserts of the couch. 

Regularly Wash Your Pet’s Stuff

Your pet’s beds, blankets, toys, bowls, and feeding accessories, as well as anything that comes in contact with it every day, should be regularly cleaned. The schedule for cleaning your pet’s stuff should depend on how frequently they are being used. 

For bowls and feeding accessories, they must be cleaned every day since you put food in which produces grime and accumulates fur. Once grime is stuck on the sides of the food bowl, it invites bacteria and germs to proliferate. 

This can upset your pet’s stomach. Beds and blankets, as well as toys, should be cleaned at least once a week. Take note, dirty pet stuff can be the cause of the bad odor inside the house. Make sure to clean your pet’s stuff to prevent the smell from sticking on the walls and the flooring.     

Air Your House

An effortless way to get rid of the pet odor inside your house is to open windows and doors to air out the indoor smell. Turn on your fan and point it towards the door to help the air’s flow process. If your pet is the type to dash across the room and run outside once they see an opportunity, getting a small gate meant to barricade the door should contain it indoors. A pet gate should not cost much if you are worried about the safety of your dog. Especially for small dogs that can get lost easily. 

Train Your Pet

For training either a dog or a cat, a clicker and treats should help you maintain their interest and attention. Since animals usually respond to the vocal cue, you must find the right tone to say every command. For instance, dogs learn a word depending on how you say it. They can distinguish if you are angry or playful. 

Cat Training

Unlike dogs, cats are easier to train because they pay attention to their owners. Since all cats sit, teaching the command “stay” should be easier. Once they have learned how to sit, you can extend their training to hi-5s. Make sure to prepare treats to give the cat once they follow your command. This way, you are teaching it that listening to you should provide them with tasteful treats.

Dog Training

Teach your dog the 5 basic commands that should help you tackle other behavioral problems. These basic commands serve as dog obedience training which can change the wrong attitude of the dog. The easiest and most common command taught to dogs is the word “sit”. Followed by the word “come” which keeps a dog out of trouble. “Down”, “stay”, and “leave it” are other commands required to be repeated every day and for longer hours. To teach a dog to stay put, you must first command them to sit. With this, they are fully paying attention to your next instructions. 

Key Takeaway

A pet owner’s rental house smells differently from a house with no living creatures. There is more than the presence of a cat or dog to know whether the homeowners own one or not. The fur, smell, and even little paw prints should tell if there is a pet around. From training your pets, cleaning their stuff, and making sure they get bathed regularly, you are keeping your house and lot for sale in Cavite safe from total destruction.