Every aspect of our life needs a bit of touching up once in a while. Most of us don’t blink twice when we run into that perfect piece of clothing we’ve always wanted to own. The same can be applied to our home and the existing decor. We’ve been spending all this time indoors because of the pandemic and the trend won’t go away anytime soon. That’s why we should rethink our existing interior style and add a bit of class. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it has to be right. In case you don’t know how to start, read on, and find all the answers you might need.

The planning stage

Don’t just wish you could change your decor, start planning your steps. Prep your house just like you would do if your friends were coming over. Then, take some pics of the existing layout. Transfer them on your computer and edit the photos to mark those things you wish to change and which you want to keep. Make a list of things you wish to do and prioritize those that are the easiest to update without breaking the budget. 

Afterward, do some research to learn about new trends and objects that are available at nearby stores. Make a list of objects you consider elegant and within your budget and plan on how to incorporate them into your decor. It’s important you have an outline of things you wish to change so you’ll be able to move on to the next steps.

Revive the vibe with some paint

The best way to begin your home makeover is to revive the color of the walls. We have so many colors to choose from, so why stick to the same old color palette? Even if you decide to paint your colors white, you will definitely give your home a touch of luxury. This might be the best choice if you don’t know how many things you wish to change. White goes with any other color palette so you won’t make a bad choice later on. The main point of a paint job is to make your home look fresh, vibrant and clean so you’ll have a blank canvas to add other details along the way.

Out with the old

This third step is directly linked to the planning stage. You’ve already made a list of things you want to get rid of in your home decor. After you finish painting your living room and reach the stage of putting back the furniture, you’ll see which pieces no longer fit. If you get emotionally attached to objects, this will make it easier for you to break away from old and outdated. Also, if you decide to give your old pieces of furniture to those in need, you’ll help someone and know that someone will love it just like you did. Remove those objects that feel like something you’ve outgrown or that don’t exude the sense of luxury you wish to achieve.

In with the new

When you part ways with objects you’ve outgrown, it’s time to introduce something new. Mind you, don’t rush into buying new furniture just because you don’t have a sofa to sit on. You can sit on a chair until you buy the sofa you like. Elegance takes time to build so check out all stores in your town. Don’t ignore second-hand furniture stores because you might find a real gem you saw on Pinterest or other sources of inspiration. But, whatever you choose to buy, make sure it creates cohesion with other furniture pieces. Pick fabrics that go well together and colors that complement each other. Don’t be afraid to go bold, and have mismatched furniture as long as the fabrics and colors exude elegance.

Make the details classy, not cheap

True elegance is in carefully assorted details. Always go for something that is uniquely beautiful to you and that has its perfect place in your home. If you go for something typical and cheaply looking, it won’t stand out as the perfect detail. Instead, it will just blend in and you’ll have just another trinket that is a dust magnet. Focus on antiques with intricate details, great coffee table literature, figurines, fresh flowers, interesting lamps, and other amazing details.

Make your living room look elegant with the right window treatment

Windows need some tender and loving care especially when we choose window treatments. It’s not something you should leave to chance and get something okay looking just because you need to cover them up eventually. Window treatments like curtains or double roller blinds are the details you seek to make your room visually larger or simply elegant. Take stock of your current window treatments and find the right replacements to give your living room a touch of class, preserve your privacy and drown outside noise. 

Add a statement light fixture

Light fixtures are necessary because you can’t rely on natural light to light up your room. So, you can treat them like another set of details that will make your space look luxurious and beautiful. Going for a statement light fixture should be your goal. It can be a new floor lamp ideal for a reading nook. A chandelier can be a focal point as well, so pick one that will flow easily with other decor elements. Wall sconces are an ideal choice if you need some accent light fixtures to use in the evening or during quiet movie time. Either way, changing one of the existing light fixtures in your home can be just the touch of luxury you need.

Use a mirror to your advantage

Mirrors, both small or large, can upgrade the vibe of any room. Especially if you want to make a statement, choosing a decorative window for your living room can be just like a missing piece to a puzzle. It will complete the room in an inexpensive way and even add more light to the room. If square footage allows it, you can make a wall mirror by mixing a number of mirrors in different sizes. If you have an empty wall to decorate, don’t think twice about putting a mirror on it to light up the room. But, when you do, pay attention to what is reflected in it. Make sure it’s something beautiful and elegant.

Create a personal nook

Adding new sections to your home will definitely revive old and boring decor. At this point of the decoration, look at your place carefully to find an empty corner or a piece of a blank wall. It has to be large enough to fit in a cozy chair and an accent table. If you don’t have space for this, don’t cram the area unnecessarily. But if you do have an awkward corner or simply an empty one, transform it. Turn it into a reading space or a personal space. You can also decorate the accent table with three objects to create cohesion and use the available space. Decorative pillows or a thrower can elevate the chair or an armchair.

Update the knobs on furniture

Knobs on furniture shouldn’t be forgotten when you decide to work on your existing decor. This might be the easiest upgrade because you won’t have to change the entire kitchen or wardrobes to change how they fit into your updated decor. There’s a variety of knobs and handles out there so you won’t have any issues with finding the right ones. If you want to make them look luxurious, go for something gold, silver or copper plated.

Repaint the cabinets

When we’re already discussing ways to update the kitchen, we might as well discuss repainting them. If you already plan on changing the knobs and other hardware, you can change the color of the cabinets. Or, if the colors in the kitchen are neutral, change to something bold. If the existing palette is bold, do the opposite and go back to something neutral. 


Giving your home a touch of class and making it look sleek, cosy, and elegant, won’t be difficult if you know where to start. These 13 tips will help you find your ideal design and update your boring decor to something you find exciting and luxurious.

When brides start planning their wedding, they go all-in with their focus, time, dedication. Basically everything wedding-related becomes a priority and nothing else is of the same importance. But, such a way of viewing the wedding planning process can affect your sanity and leads to burnout. Instead of pushing yourself too hard while you focus on doing everything perfectly, let’s see how you can still plan it without losing your sanity.

Make a plan

Everything that is as complicated as the process of wedding planning should start with a plan. A plan is your safety net because you’ll easily consult it and get back on track when you feel like you’re losing focus. Make a detailed list of wedding things you need to book in advance. The venue, catering, flower arrangements, music, the honeymoon and many more should be listed in your plan whiskey barrel rings. Try to envision some sort of a timeline, so you’ll know which of these should be dealt with first.

Ask your friends for advice

You should ask your friends for wedding planning advice when you finalize your plan. Gather some intel from people who’ve done it before you. They will give you a few heads up on how to talk to caterers or which makeup artists are the best. They will also share their first-hand experience and be frank about their experience. This way you’ll get to learn from their mistakes and even get the best suggestions.

Don’t let bridezilla ruin the process

Future brides can turn from just too eager future brides to bridezillas in an instant. Nobody likes one, so ask someone close to stopping you when you express bridezilla like behavior. You might even be the one to see the first signs of such annoying behavior. Non-stop talking about the wedding, having breakdowns after you finish talking to the caterers, or simply trying to be perfect are just some of the signs. 

Let your groom do the work

Grooms are often shined away from actually participating in wedding tasks. Instead of just asking him to choose between chocolate or vanilla cake, let him handle the entire wedding tasting. Sit down with the groom and split the tasks between you two. Who knows a lot about trendy wedding cars and cars in general than men? Why should you deal with this, when this is something any guy can handle. You can be safe that this task is something your future spouse or even male members of your family can handle if you delegate this task to them. The main point is that you shouldn’t do everything on your own.

Celebrate after even the smallest win

Not only do people lose sanity during the wedding planning process, but they also grow apart. So, to strengthen the relationship with your loved one, you should celebrate small wins and the big ones. Just booked the venue? Go on a date with your loved one. Finally, got the dress? Have a girls movie night to laugh your hearts out. Find time in your busy schedule to spend time with your future husband, family, and friends. 

Learn when to take a step back

Taking breaks every day will keep you sane and healthy. Whenever you feel like you’re pushing yourself too hard to make just one more phone call, you should stop. Instead of stressing yourself, you should pace yourself and find the time in your day just for you. Make room for healthy meals, exercise, self-care, relaxation and you’ll be less stressed. Give yourself a break and you’ll be more motivated to tackle wedding planning tasks.

Delegate tasks and don’t feel guilty about that

Many people will be glad to help you. They care for you so they won’t mind. Also, there are also those who’d be simply honored to help you with your wedding. This trust between you and the person handling something important to you will make your bond stronger. Also, you’ll get a chance to make beautiful memories together. You should also explore the option of hiring a wedding planner. These people know what they’re doing and they love the challenge. They already have a blueprint because they’ve already organized a number of weddings. Also, you’ll need someone to coordinate everything on the wedding day which you shouldn’t do. 


These seven tips will hopefully remind you how to take care of yourself during your wedding planning. The key is to take breaks between each task and celebrate your efforts. Ask for help as well and accept it when someone offers. 

Chronic pain includes any recurring pain that we feel for more than three months and it is very common among the world population nowadays. It is a condition that we should deal with promptly as it affects all aspects of our lives including simple daily activities as well as work performance. This kind of pain is often reflected in reduced focus and concentration, increased conflicts at work, lowered work enthusiasm, increased levels of depression and other health problems such as headaches, backaches, arthritis, lung and respiratory illnesses. Read on to learn about how chronic pain can affect job performance and what to do about it. 

Ways chronic pain reduces your productivity

Living with chronic pain can reduce your productivity at work by causing absenteeism and presenteeism and by impeding your mental abilities.

1 Chronic pain causes absenteeism

When talking about the relationship between pain and productivity, absenteeism is one of the biggest issues. Chronic pain causes you to miss out on work and hence, decreases your productivity to a zero. It doesn’t affect only your employer financially, but you as well. 

2 It causes presenteeism

Yet another problem chronic pain causes is presenteeism. It means that you are present at work, but due to chronic pain, you can’t perform in the way you normally do. So you do less work when compared to times you don’t feel chronic pain. This also costs your employer, even more than absenteeism.

3 It impedes your mental abilities

Besides impeding your physical abilities, chronic pain can also impede your mental abilities. It decreases your energy to be creative and it influences your mood. It also dampens your focus and concentration, disabling you to work, especially in a mentally challenging and taxing environment. 

What you can do to prevent chronic pain from interfering with your productivity at work

Luckily for everybody who suffers from chronic pain, there are some simple things you can do to prevent this pain from affecting your productivity at work. 

1 Mind your posture and seek medical help if necessary

Back pain and headaches are two of the most common issues people are faced within today’s workplace. To prevent them from happening, you can start by minding your posture. If you do a sedentary job especially, you should try to sit up straight at all times. On the other hand, if you slouch, slump, cross your legs and crane your neck and head forwards, you are sure to experience muscle tension, strain, and inflammation. These issues are further emphasized by the fact that we sit more than we used to. The current pandemic has limited our regular daily movement so we spend all of our time in our homes. If this chronic pain is something you can’t deal with anymore, seek online physiotherapy services offered by skilled professionals. 

2 Drink enough water

The next thing you can do to help yourself is to drink plenty of water. Drinking coffee and poor hydration generally cause headaches, dehydration and digestion pain. Caffeine found in coffee acts as a diuretic, so it makes you go to the bathroom more and thus get rid of fluids that you’re not necessarily replenishing. Drinking plenty of water during the day helps you stay more concentrated and alert. One way you can make yourself drink more water is by keeping a reusable water bottle on your desk to remind you to drink water. 

3 Get enough sleep

We can be sleep deprived due to many causes such as insomnia, old and uncomfortable mattresses, not enough or too much pillow support and staring into blue light screens just before going to bed. This state can cause serious troubles for you and your work, as it suffers due to fatigue, headaches, back pain and other sleep deprivation symptoms. You can enhance your sleep hygiene by relaxing yourself an hour before you go to bed. You can draw a warm bath, read a book or listen to soothing music. Also crane services oman, you should invest in a quality mattress and pillows to provide your spine with the best support possible. 

4 Learn to manage the stress you feel

The stress and anxiety we feel at our job can easily reflect on our health. It causes muscle tension, headaches and even back pain. To avoid stress causing you chronic pain, you should find a suitable way of relieving stress. For example, you could use aromatherapy and soothing scents such as lavender to help you relax. Practice deep breathing and meditation. 


Many people today face the problem of chronic pain on a daily basis. If we don’t deal with it promptly it can cause lots of problems and issues in all aspects of our daily lives. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to deal with these kinds of problems right away. 

Deciding to live together with your partner is a big step into the unknown. There will be some ups and downs at the beginning until you learn how to value each other’s time, habits, boundaries and to compromise the right way. One of the first things both of you will have to compromise is the taste in decor. You’ll have to learn how to merge two styles together to create a space you’ll both enjoy and love.

Think of it as a fresh start

The fact that you two are moving in together means that you need to fit both of your belongings into a limited space. Since both of you lived all alone before this, you won’t be able to take everything with you. Both of you will have to purge your belongings equally. Separate everything into three piles:
1. Must keep

2. Donate

3. Throw away

The first pile (must keep) can consist of pieces of furniture and other emotional belongings. The second pile (donate) can consist of furniture that is in good shape. If you plan to purchase new pieces of furniture, use this chance to donate your old furniture. You can also sell it or give it away to a friend or family members. The last pile is the “throw away” pile. Now’s your chance to purge your wardrobe of everything you no longer wear or need. Simply, declutter your belongings and part ways with trinkets, and other clutter.

Sit down and talk it through

Now that you’ve purged your belongings, sold or donated furniture, decided what to keep and what to cull, you need to make a plan. You need to plan the rough estimate of your budget since you need to furnish or renovate your new space together. Since both of you are keeping some old pieces of furniture, you need to purchase some neutral pieces in order to find a way to merge these two styles. Sit down and talk about your ideal homes, what you’d like to have in our new place. Discuss your options and find a way to compromise around must-haves and could-live-with and hard-nos.

Pick the basics together

One of the easiest things you can do together, without any second thoughts or conflicts is purchasing the basics. Bed linens, towels, slippers, sheets, pillows, blankets, etc are among the basics you can easily choose together. Pick a color scheme and find items in that color. These items will blend easily with your existing furniture and will be among the first things you purchased together.

Combine your decor tastes

When you sit down to talk about your tastes, talk about your common interests. If you both love to travel, you can focus on the shades of blue and find a way to incorporate that color in your new apartment decor. Set up a Pinterest board and research this platform to find inspiration for your own home. There are many interior design trends you can choose from. Focus on ones that bring out your personalities and have a soothing effect on you. Remember, you need to turn a place into a home so make sure to get on the same page when it comes to merging things both of you consider essential.

Ask for help if you have conflicting tastes

It’s not worth fighting over because there’s a way to overcome this obstacle. If you can’t seem to find common ground, you can always ask for help. Interior design experts have all the skills and the patience to come up with a way to merge both of your styles. All you have to do is to talk to a professional and let them find a way to blend your ideas into a cohesive look. They will find a way to fit your favorite sofa with her favorite armchair and vice versa. Overly masculine decor can be diffused with feminine details and feminine style can be upgraded with masculine touches. 

Decorating is an ever-evolving process

Even though you probably want to have everything settled so that you can throw a housewarming party and invite everyone to your new place, your decor won’t be complete that fast. The desire to entertain your closest people in your new place is understandable, but you don’t have to have everything in place to do so. Decorating your home is an ever-evolving process, and both of you have to respect each other’s wishes. Be patient and you will find a way to pair your existing furniture to some new items you’ll choose together. Just remember that together you’re building a home, not just a temporary abode. 


Creating a space both of you will love and call you home is a process and it takes a lot of time and patience. Follow our tips to learn how to communicate your style across and find a way to decorate shared space.

We’re all responsible for our own joy and happiness in life. It’s up to us to seek out chances to find joy, experience and adventure and live a fulfilled life even if we’re single. There are ways to chase after adventures without traveling the world. 

Take up an art class

When we feel unmotivated and bored, taking up a creative class can revive our spirit, creativity, and sense of adventure. Trying something you’ve never done before can boost hormone levels and make you happier. When you experience something new, your brain reacts by releasing dopamine and fires up your senses. Even an art class can do that for you. It will also reduce stress, challenge you in a creative way and give you a sense of adventure. You will get a chance to express yourself in a controlled environment and pursue a new passion project. It’s a place where people come to connect as well, so you’ll probably meet some new and interesting people.

Redesign a room

Basically, any type of DIY project can be an adventure because you never know how it will turn out. If you are new to DIY, it’s always recommended to start small. For example, you can redesign a room in your home. If you feel that your space no longer inspires you, you can repaint it. You can change the color shade of the entire room, or just paint an accent wall. Either way, cover your furniture with protective covers, get all the tools you need, blast some upbeat tunes and play with the brush. 

Learn how to bake a cake

We’re not talking here about mixing a cake out of a premade mixture you can buy at the supermarket. We’re talking about the regular layered cake that will be worthy of a TV bake-off. Start by picking a recipe that is of moderate difficulty, not too easy and not too difficult. Something like a Triple Chocolate Layer Cake or a Vanilla pudding cake, look at the list of ingredients and equipment you’ll need to make it.

If you don’t have proper measuring cups, baking pans, baking paper, and spatulas, put them on your to-buy list. Once you have everything you need, clear out your afternoon, turn up your favorite music and start your baking adventure. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be perfect, you’ll be proud of your accomplishment. You can throw a tasting soiree and invite your friends. Once you perfect this hobby, you can make them as gifts for your friend’s birthdays and parties. 

Visit every coffee shop in your street

Another tip on our list is ideal for those moments when you have to work from home or you take up an additional freelancing gig. Whenever you have something similar coming up, you can go to a local cafe and change your regular scenery and work from a quiet corner. That is why you need to explore all the cafes in your street so you’ll know which one has the best service and remote-working conditions. Whenever you have some free time on your hands and you feel like going on a low-key adventure, check out a coffee shop down your street. There are probably a few near your place, sou you should check them all out. Finding that perfect inspiring coffee place might be just a few buildings away from where you reside. 

Join a book club

If you are one of those peeps who set up their reading challenge on Goodreads but don’t belong to a book club, now’s the time to do something about it. Finding a book club you can join can be just an adventure your bookish spirit needs. You can ask around bookstores in the neighborhood or search social media or look online. Once your search yields the result you were hoping to find, ask to join and start your reading adventure. Not only will you get a chance to meet new people, make friends and the way, you will also get a chance to exchange opinions in a constructive way.

Seek adventure in your town

riding a bike around the town

When we’re chasing after an adventure, we fail to notice that the city we live in has a lot to offer. Instead of exploring our own city like a tourist, we dream of some distant places and exotic spots. Until we can explore those distant places, we can turn our focus on exploring our own town like a tourist. We don’t have to walk around all the time. Instead, we can use an electric bike to explore the most interesting sights.

Another way to make this cycling adventure more interesting is to Google the most Instagrammable spots and structure the route according to these spots. This route can consist of some alternative coffee shops, amazing graffitis and lovely architecture. You can also visit local markets, flea markets and take a picture of each place you visit. You can document everything, turn it into a blog post and pitch your local blogs, portals and news outlets. Other people can find your guide useful and decide to explore the same route.

Switch up your workout regime

Lack of motivation is the main reason why people fail to establish exercise into their regular routine. If you feel like your workout regime is getting tired and you no longer find it fulfilling, it might be the time to try something new. If you do the same routine over and over again, you risk falling into a rut. Once you do, you might find it hard to exercise and you’ll love motivation entirely. This can be solved by switching up your workout regime.

Once again, a sense of novelty and a completely new routine can fuel you up with instant motivation and happiness. You can change your gym workouts with a CrossFit program. Another option would be to supplement your regular routine with a group program like pilates, martial arts class or even yoga. Whatever you decide to do, pick an activity you will enjoy. This way you won’t treat exercise as a boring routine. Instead, you will regard new fitness classes as a new adventure and find joy in it.

Grow a plant from a seed

When you buy a grown plant, you treat it as just another plant in your home. The only thing you have to remember is to water it regularly based on its needs. But, when you grow a plant from a seed, you are the one responsible for each phase. Also, you get a sense of accomplishment once it is fully grown. Find a plant you want to grow completely on your own, prepare the soil, and find a suitable pot. You can both grow a plant from the seed and from an existing leaf. Either way, this personal gardening project can be your own little adventure. You can grow a lemon tree, African violets or cast iron plant and be the one responsible for this adventure.

Ditch the phone for a day

Are you looking for adventure in your daily life? If you keep staring at your phone, the opportunity might just run by you. Wait, you haven’t seen it? It’s probably because you were refreshing your Instagram feed. Ditch your phone for one day to truly be in the moment and experience the world around you. We’re addicted to our phones and that’s a fact. So, try being without your phone three hours straight before you adopt a no-phone policy on certain days of the week. 

The separation might be hard to do gradually. Let your parents and your friends know that you won’t be using your phone all the time. This way you’ll inform them not to worry if on Wednesdays you don’t pick up your phone on the first ring. Once you adopt this policy, you’ll realize that you have some extra time in your day to do something new.

Say yes to something you always say no to

When you feel stuck in your current routine, everyone will advise you to just step out of your comfort zone. If your first thought is: ”Yeah, easier said than done” you definitely should change your mindset. Get out of your comfort zone by trying one simple thing you’ve always declined. Give your regular routine a shake by accepting a blind date. If you’ve always said no to going on a blind date, say yes, and learn something out of it. You’ll never know until you try it. The main point is to try something new you’ve never tried before. Make sure that you only do those things you’re comfortable with like going on a rollercoaster not tattooing your forehead.

These ten tips can enrich your life and make you happier. Explore your options and find those that suit you and satisfy your hunger for adventure.