Nowadays, pursuing business is in trending, and it is the reason 64% of the UK workforce trying their luck in this sector. You cannot run away from the fact that most of them get failed because of “Improper Selling Technique”.

If you are one who is going to pursuing the start-up, then retail the product plays a crucial role. Without directing the technique, getting success in business is next to impossible. No matter how big business you are running. There is one selling technique that most of the people fail to see or many of them consider it an “OLD FASHIONED TECHNIQUE.”

The process is known as “Take-Away Selling”. You might have heard this term for the first time, let’s have a look at it, and how it is beneficial for the business. However, there are some restrictions too that you have to take care before you precede this method.

What Is Take-Away Selling Technique? 

It is nothing, but a strategy to convince the buyers to purchase the stuff in another way. Let’s understand this with the help of an example.

Suppose you have a kid who loves to play with toys. And one fine day, you took the toy from him, now what will happen? He/she will want it more than anything else. Generally, it is a physiological technique of parent to convince their child for something.

The method mentioned above is also applicable for the selling team too.


Consider the above example, and replace the kids with the prospect (buyer), and parent with a salesman. Now, you can easily correlate it.

How Does Takeaway Selling Technique Method Work?

There is no hard rule to supervise it. Many such situations occur whether it may be online or offline, that people about the purchase the product, but they do not satisfy with the “price”. It is a common thing that most of the business person experienced.

In such a situation, one has either reduced the cost or chooses to deny the purchasing request. Now here, takeaway selling plays an imperative role.


In this condition, you can remove some features or offer that one was expecting from the product. Now, you put the choice that can create the difficult for the buyer. They will think more about the “features they lose” rather than the “Price Factor”.

Now, they want to lose the additional features, and their eventual decision would be “Purchase with discussed price”.

It is how this method works. Now, let’s have a look at the benefit of “Take-Away selling strategy or physiological way”.

Advantages of Take-Away Selling System 

There are countless benefits to this technique.

  1. Discover the customer choice
  2. Effective communication
  3. An affordable and satisfactory solution

Discover The Customer Choice 

If you are running a business online, then you must check the feedback that helps to understand the needs. This technique aid the seller to determine what their customer wants. Based on that, they can show things that make the selling process easy.

The extraordinary part of it is that it offers the prompt result, and reduces the expecting rate.

Effective Communication 

Whatever deal happens is occur on an understanding of both parties. It introduces the transparency that plays a vital role in business. If a customer finds that you are tricking him, then you may lose the business in the form of “losing potential customer”.

An Affordable and Satisfactory Solution 

As compared to other ways, it offers quite easy and satisfactory results. Even it is witnessed by many entrepreneurs who were about to lose their business due to specific reasons. They used this technique to boost sales.

Eric Harrison (Entrepreneur) shared his success stories:

“When I was about to give up due to the massive loss in capital and was not able to regain stability. Even, the situation was worse than creditor’s case against me. However, I manage the money situation with CCJ loans with no guarantor from a direct lender. But, when it comes to sales, I use the “Take-Away selling method”, and fortunately within a few months, my sales get boosted.”          

It shows how practical and workable technique it is. There are certain parts that you have to keep in mind to make this method successful.

Imperative Point You Should Remember

You have to direct two things:

  1. Make a strong relation
  2. Build quick decision-making skills

Make a Strong Relation

If the bond between you and the customer is healthy, then the above method will offer a better result. Though it will be time-consuming, it is a decisive part.

Build Quick Decision-Making Skills 

The situation may replace with any other condition. In such cases, you have to use the presence of mind to play physiology with the prospect.

These are the vitality of the takeaway method. And now you can gather that it is an old fashion technique, yet provide a successful result. The paramount thing is that it does not require any additional funds. Now, choose its method and make the business successful.