Luxury hotels are the place for people that value high standard facilities more than money. If you are looking for top luxury hotels in the world, to plan the best vacation for yourself and your family? Then you are in the right place. In this blog, we will talk about the topmost luxurious hotels in the world. These hotels promise high standard services for high paying guest. These luxurious hotels offer many facilities that include a spa, pool, and many other facilities to the guest. To make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable, choose the best luxury resultant from the below list.

Emirate place:

Emirate place exists in Abu Dhabi. When we talk about luxurious hotels in the world, it comes on the top. It has the following features that you should know before booking.

  • Roughly $3 billion was spent to build this hotel.
  • A total of 394 huge rooms and suites are available in the Emirates place.
  • The hotel consists of 40 seminar and meeting rooms.
  • The marble of the hotel is very costly and brought from 13 distinct countries.
  • For your comfort zone, it also consists of a spa, pool, and white sand beach.

If you want to enjoy the luxury on this vacation, then book emirates palace and make your trip memorable.

Ranch Valencia resort and spa:

The second most luxurious hotel in the world is located in California. You will be mesmerized by the view of this beautiful resort and spa. Following are some features that make it the best choice for you:

  • It is one of the best award-winning resorts.
  • It consists of 49 guest houses.
  • It facilitates you with wellness center and spa.
  • It also allows you to arrange a wedding and events.
  • To satisfy your appetite, there are two restaurants in the Rancho Valencia resort and spa.

Staying this hotel is worth the money you will spend.

The Westin Excelsior:

You can find this impressive hotel in Rome. It was initially built in 1906 and now it’s Villa La Cupola Suite is rebuilt. Approximately $7 billion are spent on the renovation of this portion. Following are the features that will push you to stay this expensive hotel:

  • The luxury cocoon is built on a very large area and has two floors.
  • It is the largest suite of Italy.
  • It incorporates more tech gadgets for the guest facility.
  • For fitness freak, it has a fitness area.
  • It consists of a dining area and a Jacuzzi.

Don’t miss to book a room in this hotel while staying in Rome.

Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai:

Burj Al Arab Hotel is known all over the world for its architecture. Due to its unique building, it is appreciated a lot. If you are searching for a royal suite, then don’t wait and book a Dubai holiday package now and enjoy your stay at Burj Al Arab Hotel. Following are the features that are very impressive and makes you stay at this hotel:

  • View from all the rooms is extremely incredible.
  • Provide you with fascinating nightlife options.
  • You can ask butlers for anything 24/7.
  • The staff of Burj Al Arab Hotel takes care of their guests very seriously.
  • It consists of a helipad and tennis court.

No one can miss this high standard hotel during a visit to Dubai.

The plaza:

You can find another hotel of the big apple in New York city named as the plaza. It was built in 1907. It is preferred for VIPs. There are many unique features that make it suitable for your stay. Let’s have a look at some:

  • The royal bedroom of the plaza consists of three bedrooms and a dining room for 12 people.
  • It also facilitates you with a piano, library, and a private gym.
  • For private chefs, it also provides a full kitchen.
  • It also provides you with the butler service.

Provide you with the best experience in terms of service.

Atlantis Paradise Island:

The hotel is named after the lost city Atlantis Paradise Island. It exists in the Bahamas and covers 141 acres of land. The 23rd floor of the resort known as the bridge suite pulls the guest towards it because of the following reasons:

  • It consists of a total of 10 most expensive rooms.
  • The rooms consist of full-length windows with a fascinating view.
  • It consists of a dining area with a gold chandelier, enhancing its beauty.
  • Provide you with 7 butlers at your service all the time.
  • For your entertainment, it provides entertainment centers.
  • You can also enjoy playing the piano in your room.

Spend a day here to see the best life that the Bahamas offer.