People who are born on the 29th of February get the chance to celebrate their birthday once in four years unlike us who celebrate their birthday every year. So if you know someone or if your loved one is a leap year born you must make extra efforts to make their birthday very special. They might feel very unlucky to have their birthday just once in four years so you can go the extra mile to surprise them with lovely gifts whose memories will literally last for four years until their next birthday arrives. These gifts will give them so much joy and happiness because they are extra special than the gifts we give to other people. Thus get ideas of amazing birthday gifts ideas and surprises for the leap year borns from here and give them a memorable birthday.

1. Snacks Basket :

It is so true that life is too short for bad snacks. To add happiness to your loved one’s birthday by surprising them with a snack gift basket. This snack gift basket contains a variety of snacks like chips, cookies, pretzels, chocolates and so many more eatables you love. This snack basket is perfect when someone is having a movie marathon or for midnight craving. Thus this snack basket will make a perfect gift for the foodie person in your life who loves munching snacks.

2. Give Surprise Party :

This person’s birthday comes just once in four years so you can arrange for a mind-blowing birthday party celebration which they will never forget. Make sure this party has to be a secret and they shouldn’t know the arrangements you are making. Your incredible leaping friends will be shocked by this grand birthday party. You can decorate their room or book a venue call all their loved ones and friends and give a huge surprise. They would love the surprise and will have a memorable birthday celebration.

3. Group Gift :

If you want to gift something really great and expensive you can decide on something and together give a gift to your leaping friend. This is basically crowdfunding so you can gift your loved one any precious gift which will literally make their day even if they get to celebrate birthday just once in four years. Here simply everyone is asked to contribute a certain amount which will be required to buy a perfect birthday gift for your loved one. Order birthday gifts online from our online gift store and send it to your friends and loved ones in USA miles away from you and wish them a very happy birthday.

4. Combo Gifts :

There are so many gift combos available online so you can treat your leaping loved one with one for their birthday. You can give cake and teddy bear combo, personalized gift and cake combo chocolates and Roses combo, gift basket and greeting card combo or choose from a number of options provided to you. They would love this gift and after 4 years they would have special birthday gift. They deserve to be treated in a super special way so these gift combos are best.

5. Flower Bouquet :

As their birthday comes after four years you can start sending the flower bouquets for their whole birthday week. Every day you can send some fresh and gorgeous flowers and wish them a happy birthday for the whole week. They would really be surprised and delighted with this amazing floral week. Instead of 4 bouquets, they will have 7 bouquets for their birthday and they wouldn’t be any happier.

6. Teddy Bear :

If you know that this person loves stuffed toys then a teddy bear as a gift is perfect for them. A teddy bear can be a fun and loving companion of your loved one and they would never feel alone when the teddy bear is around. A teddy bear is also one of the most loyal friends and will always be by your loved one’s side. Everyone deserves to have one stuffed toy and you better be that person for your leaping friend who gifted them a cute and adorable teddy bear. This teddy bear will also give those warmest cuddles and hugs when they are away from their loved ones.

7. Personalized Birthday Cake :

This friend or loved one of yours gets to cake birthday cake just once in four years. So their cake has to be really special. You can get a customized birthday cake in your loved one’s favorite flavor and theme so that they would remember this cake until their next birthday which will come after four years. A designer cake or photo cake is a great idea and will make your dear one’s birthday more memorable and fun. They will love to cut this special birthday cake. Make birthday cake delivery USA to your loved ones there and make their birthday celebration even sweeter and memorable with the sweetest and most delicious birthday cake.

We hope the leap year borns love these amazing and wonderful gift ideas and they will have the power-packed birthday of all the four years in just a year.

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