Kidney is one of the vital organs, and its primary function is to remove the toxins from the blood and maintenance of the body’s electrolytes and fluid balance flush toxins through urine and sweat. The inability to purify blood will lead to renal failure and it needs to be treated immediately as the waste build-up can make you sick, and if left untreated for the long term, it could be fatal.

A lot of factors contribute to renal failure like chronic kidney disorders, and lifestyle as well, and it is needless to mention transplant is only one option that is permanent as compared to dialysis. It is a big surgery, and before you go under the knife, a lot of things need to carry out to ensure the success of the rate of transplant is high.

What is a Kidney Transplant?

Well, to put it in the simplest of terms, it is a surgical process in which the dysfunctional kidney in a person is replaced with a healthy kidney from a donor. It is a holistic process that needs to be carried out before you go with the surgery plan. It is needless to mention it requires immediate attention, and this is why it is essential to choose in accordance, and things need to be under consideration. As we Artificial Kidney Transplant in India, is carried out successfully, and it is performed both at public hospitals and in a private hospital as well. The cost of the transplant is varied in accordance.

The success rate of the transplant depends on a lot of factors. Most importantly, it depends on the patient and his history as some people do not respond to transplant and other managers to live for five to six years provided, they take complete care as medication as prescribed by the urologist.

Success Rates of Kidney Transplant:

The success of a transplant depends on a lot of factors, although it is pretty successful when it comes to finding the match, a match could be from living donor and the deceased donor as well. After the match is carried out and despite all the match, the body rejects the foreign organ, so there is always a chance for rejection. That is why it is essential to carry out all possible tests and other important to make sure that all the options are marked and check.

Final Words:

A kidney transplant costs around 10 to 15 lakhs depending on the type of hospital you choose for instance if you are willing to undergo the transplant in public hospital then it would cost less as compared to a private hospital. Also, Kidney Transplant Price will vary following the kind of hospital you pick. Once the surgery is done, and successful additional 10 to 20 thousand are needed for the after surgery. It is essential to take care after the surgery so that you can behave a healthy kidney and you can carry your activity with ease and live life hassle-free.

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