Africa is a wild country with a lot of flora and fauna beauty across the country. This is one of the reasons for this country to be so colorful and nature-loving country. In the fashion world of Africa a lot of floral and wild animal prints are used in abandon. So whenever we will design an African traditional garment, then we have to use a lot of flowers and animals for the fabric and the accessories for the dress. So let us explore the world of African traditional dresses for the beautiful women.

This is a typical gorgeous African dress. We can call it an African Cinderella dress. It has a very wide sweep. The dress is a shoulderless dress with two bands as its sleeves. The body tapers towards the waist from where it blossoms up into a huge dome of fabric. The fabric is printed with huge motifs of flowers and gives a very royal look. It has a few pleats at the top but for the pleats, it is only fabric all the way.

African Traditional Dresses

This is a very cute dress that involves a lot of lacework. The main fabric is a printed fabric with a lot of big red flowers. The dress is a shoulderless dress with a lot of lace at the front of the body. The body tapers towards the waist where again a lot of lace is used at the waistline. Then the body tapers towards the knees and ends up just below the knees. The flared sleeves are made up of net and are embellished with lace. The dress is a good one for the evening out or at a party.

This is a wrap around navy blue printed dress. It has shoulders and has half sleeves with a wrap around pattern and a loose belt to hold it in place. It is a combination of the usage of print navy blue fabric with a belt and front pleats of navy blue dobby check fabric. It is a wonderful mix of the mix-n-match concept on the dresses.

This mini dress is a fit example of the leaves print in blue on a yellow back ground. This is a yellow shoulder less dress that is up to the knees and is frilled at the bottom. This is a body-hugging dress that is very common among the African folks.

Here we have a very somber and beautiful dress for the teenager as well as the adult lady. This brown and black polka-dotted dress is very fit for the evening party or just an outing in the evening with your loved ones. This is a shoulderless dress with sleeves starting from the body cut of the dress. The sleeves are puffed sleeves up to the wrists. The body tapers up to the waist and the waist tapers up to the below knees length of the dress. The dress is a comfort fit dress all along the length of the dress and it goes well with a pair of black belles with high heels.

The next dress is basically a short Ankara gown for the ladies. It is a frock with gents collars and half sleeves. The front is open up to the waist and has buttons and buttonholes to fasten. The upper body is attached to a skirt with a lot of gathers and knee-length. The skirt flares out into a wide sweep of the bottom of the frock. The fabric is printed with discs in light blue and navy blue colors. This is a very beautiful outfit for the ladies of any age group.

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