Do you know what everyone that does workouts has in common? No, it’s not the dedication or FAT.  Instead, we are talking about the post-workout muscle pain, commonly referred to with the acronym that DOMS  Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

More than  80% of people think that this pain is related to the production of lactic acid. Lactate is created by our body following intense anaerobic activity but the discomfort it causes ends in 30 minutes or a maximum of one hour. So, what we feel the next day is DOMS which has nothing to do with lactic acid.

This event is called muscle soreness acute-onset and instead of causing pain can be recognized by a great sense of muscle fatigue that prevents us from completing the exercise during training.

What is it Caused By

Post-workout pain is one – or more – micro-injury to muscle fibers that have been stressed by excessive strain. This effect is called delayed onset muscle soreness and may occur 96 hours later.

The most common causes are:

Failure to properly warm up the muscles.

Excessive effort compared to the normal flow rate.

Resumption of activity after prolonged inactivity.

Already stiff and fatigued muscles.

Use of improper gym gears and clothing.

It can happen to any subject, both well-trained and untrained, who has made the too intense and prolonged physical effort. When the muscle is unable to sustain tension, it is affected by muscle proteins that want to repair damaged fibers.

The lesion causes an inflammatory response that leads to the formation of metabolic waste materials that increase vascular permeability and generate free radicals.

How to Prevent Post-Workout Pain

DOMS can be prevented by being careful not to put too much strain on the muscles and following some basic rules like:

Keep Low Intensity At Early Stages

While starting a workout it is important to keep a low intensity in the early stages and after an adequate stretching session. Plus, one should always wear proper gym gear. Many online stores offer the best workout clothes for men and women. You can shop their gears from the ease of your couch using your phone.

Be Regular

Carrying out the physical activity with constancy and regularity keeps the muscles trained so that they get used to the effort and reduce the pain over time until they disappear completely.


Nutrition also has a certain importance, in fact, we should avoid harmful substances such as tobacco which worsens the oxygenation of the tissues, causing muscle rigidity and less strong and elastic fibers.

Relieve Post-Workout Muscle Pain

The first is rest, especially useful when the pain is due to excessive muscle use. This does not mean banning the movement: it is sufficient to avoid excessive efforts, taking occasionally even a few days of abstention from training.

In the presence of pain, rest can be combined with ice packs, another useful remedy to reduce the intensity of pain and fight inflammation. Be careful, however: after the first 24-72 hours of hot compresses, they may be even more effective.

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