According to recent reports from the Economic Times, India’s unemployment rate in 2019 stands at 6.1%. This data presented in accordance with the survey conducted by the National Sample Survey Office concludes that the majority of this country’s unemployed population consists of individuals below the age of 25 years.

The Government has introduced several programmes to control this high rate of unemployment prevalent among our country’s youth. One such campaign is the National Policy on Skill Development which was introduced to offer various skill enhancement courses to those looking to boost their expertise in various fields.

In 2015, this programme was further revised and re-introduced as Skill India campaign, with a goal to provide training to 10 million of Indian youths by the year 2020.

Objectives Of Skill India Mission

This scheme was introduced with an aim to boost the pace of implementation of the tasks already undertaken by the previous Skill Development policy. Skill India aims to achieve the following focused results by the year 2020 – 

  • Create new opportunities and expand the scope of skill development among the country’s youth by offering them specific training courses.
  • Boost the operations of sectors already under the previous skill development schemes.
  • Creating new spheres for training and skill development.

Features of the Skill India Scheme

With various long and short term goals, the purpose of this campaign can be summed up by reviewing its features, which are as follows –

  1. To generate employment and aid in the entrepreneurial development of the country’s youth.
  2. To protect and support traditional occupations like that of cobblers, carpenters, blacksmiths, welders, nurses, masons, weavers, tailors, etc.
  3. Emphasising on the development of sectors like real estate, transportation, construction, banking, jewellery designing, which are undergoing a crisis due to a dearth of proper skill development.
  4. The programmes under Skill India registration will be in accordance to international skill development training to ensure that our country’s youth can find employment opportunities beyond the domestic market in other countries like Japan, China, US, Russia, etc.
  5. The programme also aimed to create a distinctive platform termed “Rural India Skill” to help certify and standardise the entire training process.
  6. Skill India also aims to integrate various need-based plans targeted towards specific age-groups to boost communication skills, behavioural skills, management skills and their overall employability skills.
  7. The courses under this campaign are efficient and innovative and include group discussions, games, case studies, practical experiences, etc.

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Courses Offered Under This Scheme

Following is the list of categories of courses offered under this programme under various heads –

  • Entrepreneurship Development Programmes.
  • Training of trainer’s course.
  • Entrepreneurship and skill development programme.
  • Management Development Programme
  • Other miscellaneous courses.

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Advantages Of Skill India Jobs Training Programme

The idea of this campaign is to boost productivity, instil confidence and guide the younger generation to develop industry-related skills. This training is crucial, right from the onset to help channelize individuals towards suitable job opportunities.

The Skill India programme is an excellent initiative that is the stepping stone to help curb unemployment, impart the population with the required skills and facilitate a balanced growth in every sector of the country’s economy.

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