Do you need to create a fabulous indoor garden atmosphere with a restricted palette of plants that grow in low light? Various indoor areas or balconies are overshadowed by walls, roofs, tall trees, & tall buildings. Some indoor spaces are usually cast in complete shade most of the time, while others may experience a short period of sunlight before slipping into colours again. In such circumstances, it can be indeed a suspicious task to maintain a thriving indoor garden. Well, keep all your concerns aside, as there is a variety of houseplants that will thrive in small, dark spaces. So, order indoor plants that flourish in low light and are a must-have for green places as listed below.

Nerve Plant

Add frilly shade to low-light areas with a nerve plant, also named Vittoria. This engaging, small-leaf native of Peru is available online in various leaf pigments and bi-colours: green leaves can be partly or primarily shaded in pink, white, & light green. The nerve plant is small, getting 6 to 12 inches, so it’s ideal for windowsill farmers, small containers, or terrariums.

ZZ Plant

This is the go-to plant for those who don’t produce much light or a ton of time. One of the finest around, the ZZ plant is an outstanding choice for amateur plant parents. Whether you can give it proper care or usually get distracted — the ZZ plant bears it all. And, it looks fabulous with its upward growth and lustrous dark green foliage. Plant in a well-draining indoor potting mix and allow the soil to dry out amid watering. Fertilize once a month or according to package management with a houseplant fertilizer.

Money Plant

The requirements of the money plant are easy, and it grows in lovely twirls encircling objects around it with its light green leaves & stunning stems. Buying money plants online is excellent for every household because it is a rare herb that gives out oxygen even at night. This plant can sustain harsh direct light, but it grows under different lighting conditions, essentially built in a shaded area with no straight sun. Indoors, closer to a window so it may experience mild to less sunlight. Grow the money plant indoors, & get to water infrequently whenever the soil appears dry to touch.

Lucky Bamboo

You may have cherished this plant the last time you ate at an Asian restaurant because positively, a lucky bamboo was in the lobby to welcome you. These sculptural houseplants are reputed to bring good fate and are sold in various beautiful shapes: braids, loops, curlicues, & hearts. A topknot of frilly petals adds flourish to the stems. Although non-natural bamboo, this adaptable plant grows in several different sizes & shapes, and they’ll meet any décor or area. They do well in low light & grow very slowly.

Snake Plant

If you’re searching for a low-light, easy-care houseplant, you’ve located it. Snake plant, also named Mother-In-Law Tongue, has stiff, sword-like leaves bordered in grey, silver or gold. Snake plant‘s sleek look makes it ideal for modern interiors. It favours a standard, porous potting mix. In the fall & winter months, be sure to let it dry thoroughly among waterings. Fertilize once a month or according to box directions with a houseplant fertilizer.

Jade Plant

This is another plant that can endure the hot direct sun, & it loves shaded spaces. The round green leaves start gradually & will not take up too much space. The dense leaves and the cute short twigs make an appealing visual for installation in any home corner.

In the southeast zone for Feng Shui advantages. This is an indispensable plant to Feng Shui because of its coin-shaped leaves named the ‘Money Magnet’, associated with wealth and success. Indoors, in a well-lit room for a medium amount of refined light. Water the plant infrequently when raising it indoors. The plant is a variety with superior water retention capacities, & therefore overwatering will do the plant more hurt than help.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a low-maintenance indoor plant that is famous for its lovely large white flowers. You will undoubtedly be fond of ordering this plant from an online plant nursery as it doesn’t need much light and can handle particular over and under-watering. Above all, the smell that Peacelily fills the room with is a gift to relieve stress & keep your mood utterly.

Corn Plant

If you love a small drama in your houseplant choice, corn plants deliver! Named for its leafy, corn-like foliage, this exciting houseplant is also known as mass cane because of its tall cane-like trunk. The abundant foliage of this dracaena variety is dark green with an illuminated green line. The corn plant is ideal for any décor because it will grow happily in high to low light. You can’t go incorrect wherever you put it. Lighten up a dark corner with the yellow-and-green species ‘Sol Cane’.

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