If you are looking for Toronto condos for sale under 500k, it is a huge financial undertaking. During your research, you should be considering all the pertinent factors before making a decision, such as the location, accessibility, square footage, state of the building, cost, condo association, proximity to work, and many more, but you should also look into what amenities the condo has to offer. Afterall, you do want to get the best bang for your buck. Amenities are meant to provide value and help make yourlife more convenient and luxe. Below are a few high-end amenities you should be mindful of when shopping for the best toronto condo.

1. A Stunning Swimming Pools

Any condo building boasting a nice swimming pool is a huge win. A Swimming pool is the perfect way to tone down and shed a few pounds without hitting the gym, or just unwind after a taxing day. In addition, some condo buildings have lounge pools as well, where families can enjoy a nice evening breeze by the water, get a nice tan, or just spend some quality time together on the lounge chairs without leaving the premises.

2. Rooftop Patios

People love rooftop patios. They are simply great whether you are looking to enjoy the breathtaking views of the city, enjoy a good meal in a social setting, have drinks with your friends, lounge by the hot tub, or simply relax. Rooftop patios let you delve in summer social gatherings without having to invest in a venue or even leave your home. All the better if they are equipped with a BBQ grill, an outdoor pool, or a jacuzzi. Most new Toronto lofts have some kind of an outdoor space on their roof tops.

3. Party Spaces

People are increasingly choosing condos over family homes, but it can be rather difficult to keep your little ones busy in such a small space. This is why a lot of new condo developments are looking to create ergonomic play spaces for children to learn, play, or just run around. Similarly, party spaces are considered one of the best amenities for families that often have to entertain many guests. If you host a lot of parties or have little ones in tow, party rooms, movie theatres, playrooms, and parties should be high on your list of amenities to look for in a condo building.

4. Pet-friendly amenities

We all love our furry four-legged friends and want the best for them. Most pet owners look for pet-friendly Toronto lofts, offering a number of pet friendly amenities.  Condos that have open-door policies toward pets, especially large dogs, will make you and your pooch feel at home. Be it a roof-top dog park, on-property weather protected dog runs, pet spas, pet washing and drying rooms, or doggy day cares, if your condo building appears to be pet-friendly, we say you close the deal.

5. Property-wide high-speed Wi-Fi

People can’t survive a minute without a good internet connection these days. In fact, people throng in places that offer high-speed internet. Buildings that offer stellar connection throughout the common areas are really in demand, since youmay need to make conference calls in lounges or co-working spaces, stream movies in the lobby, or download music in the gym. If you are looking for Toronto condos for sale under 500k, you deserve a good Wi-Fi connection for your investment.

6. Additional Storage Space

The only downside to living in Toronto lofts or condos is that they are quite small to begin with, and soon you will outgrow all your storage space. Most of the time, we see essentials like bicycles and baby strollers parked by the front door. Storage for luxury items like furs or vintage wines are a far-fetched thought. As a resident, you would want all your belongings in a secure and climate-controlled environment, preferably nearby. Thus, amenities such as a stroller storage, a bike room, or wine lockers offer great peace of mind and convenience.

7. Exceptional coworking spaces

With an influx of people veering away from traditional brick and mortar office setups to working remotely from home, offering co-working spaces to residents, equipped with the cutting-edge facilities, would make them very happy. Don’t just stop at a printer, a few desks and chairs though; why now add perks like an expresso bar, conference rooms, and snacks to make it an exceptional space to work from. Make it a place where they would feel comfortable working.

8. Sporting facilities

A causal game of Tennis or basketball is a great way to amp up your physical fitness, while fostering friendships with neighbors. If your condo building offers sports facilities, such as basketball, tennis, or football courts, you can enjoy with other residents, or call your friends whenever you want to have fun. A lot of Toronto lofts boast indoor gaming areas as well, so that everyone in the community can enjoy.

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