When brides start planning their wedding, they go all-in with their focus, time, dedication. Basically everything wedding-related becomes a priority and nothing else is of the same importance. But, such a way of viewing the wedding planning process can affect your sanity and leads to burnout. Instead of pushing yourself too hard while you focus on doing everything perfectly, let’s see how you can still plan it without losing your sanity.

Make a plan

Everything that is as complicated as the process of wedding planning should start with a plan. A plan is your safety net because you’ll easily consult it and get back on track when you feel like you’re losing focus. Make a detailed list of wedding things you need to book in advance. The venue, catering, flower arrangements, music, the honeymoon and many more should be listed in your plan whiskey barrel rings. Try to envision some sort of a timeline, so you’ll know which of these should be dealt with first.

Ask your friends for advice

You should ask your friends for wedding planning advice when you finalize your plan. Gather some intel from people who’ve done it before you. They will give you a few heads up on how to talk to caterers or which makeup artists are the best. They will also share their first-hand experience and be frank about their experience. This way you’ll get to learn from their mistakes and even get the best suggestions.

Don’t let bridezilla ruin the process

Future brides can turn from just too eager future brides to bridezillas in an instant. Nobody likes one, so ask someone close to stopping you when you express bridezilla like behavior. You might even be the one to see the first signs of such annoying behavior. Non-stop talking about the wedding, having breakdowns after you finish talking to the caterers, or simply trying to be perfect are just some of the signs. 

Let your groom do the work

Grooms are often shined away from actually participating in wedding tasks. Instead of just asking him to choose between chocolate or vanilla cake, let him handle the entire wedding tasting. Sit down with the groom and split the tasks between you two. Who knows a lot about trendy wedding cars and cars in general than men? Why should you deal with this, when this is something any guy can handle. You can be safe that this task is something your future spouse or even male members of your family can handle if you delegate this task to them. The main point is that you shouldn’t do everything on your own.

Celebrate after even the smallest win

Not only do people lose sanity during the wedding planning process, but they also grow apart. So, to strengthen the relationship with your loved one, you should celebrate small wins and the big ones. Just booked the venue? Go on a date with your loved one. Finally, got the dress? Have a girls movie night to laugh your hearts out. Find time in your busy schedule to spend time with your future husband, family, and friends. 

Learn when to take a step back

Taking breaks every day will keep you sane and healthy. Whenever you feel like you’re pushing yourself too hard to make just one more phone call, you should stop. Instead of stressing yourself, you should pace yourself and find the time in your day just for you. Make room for healthy meals, exercise, self-care, relaxation and you’ll be less stressed. Give yourself a break and you’ll be more motivated to tackle wedding planning tasks.

Delegate tasks and don’t feel guilty about that

Many people will be glad to help you. They care for you so they won’t mind. Also, there are also those who’d be simply honored to help you with your wedding. This trust between you and the person handling something important to you will make your bond stronger. Also, you’ll get a chance to make beautiful memories together. You should also explore the option of hiring a wedding planner. These people know what they’re doing and they love the challenge. They already have a blueprint because they’ve already organized a number of weddings. Also, you’ll need someone to coordinate everything on the wedding day which you shouldn’t do. 


These seven tips will hopefully remind you how to take care of yourself during your wedding planning. The key is to take breaks between each task and celebrate your efforts. Ask for help as well and accept it when someone offers. 

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