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High metabolic rate is necessary to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Especially when you are trying to lose weight, you need to keep your metabolism high. A slow metabolism can result in many problems like diabetes, low testosterone levels, etc. There are some lifestyle habits that can slow down your metabolism. Here are the 5 lifestyle habits that you must avoid to keep your metabolism high.

Not getting proper quality sleep

Getting proper high-quality sleep is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Not getting the required sleep can result in many diseases like diabetes, anxiety, depression. Also, studies have shown that getting sleep for 4-5 hours per night can slow down your metabolism. Sleeping during the day instead of the night is also dangerous. It also decreases your metabolic rate.

Eating too few calories

You must have heard that if you want to reduce fat you have to eat fewer calories then your maintenance calories and create a caloric deficit. Yes, it’s true but eating too few calories slows down your metabolism. You might be eating the best foods but your body senses that you are not eating enough calories and it slows down the rate at which it burns calories. Even moderate restrictions in your calories can affect your metabolism. So, avoid restricting your calories for too much and too long

Not consuming enough protein

Protein is the most important macronutrient for fitness lovers. A protein-based diet can increase metabolism by 20-30%. Protein is very important to build muscles. Also, a high protein diet can help you to preserve your muscle mass while you are trying to lose fat. Protein boosts your metabolism because it has a higher thermic effect as compared to carbs and fat. So, don’t skip protein from your diet and consume the required amount of protein regularly.

Not drinking enough water

Our bodies are made of 60% water and being hydrated is a very crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Our body needs water for carrying out various cellular processes inside our body. Drinking enough water can help you to burn more calories. When you don’t drink enough water your metabolism drops and you burn fewer calories. So, try to drink water more often and cold water is better. You can also set reminders in your smartphone to make sure that you are drinking ample amount of water.

Taking too much stress

Stress can affect your lifestyle in many ways. It can slow down your metabolism which can result in weight gain and many other problems. When you are stressed, your appetite and cravings get bigger and you start eating more unhealthy and comfort foods like chips, ice creams, cakes etc. These foods might help you to calm your mind but they can cause some serious long term problems and make your metabolism very slow. Find other ways to fight stress like yoga, meditation, music etc. Avoid mindless eating and develop healthy eating habits.

A Lack of strength training

Weight training is one of the best ways to keep your metabolism high. Researches have shown that strength training helps to increase the metabolic rate in healthy people as well as in fat people. Strength training helps you to say in shape and makes you stronger. When you do strength training, you build fat-free muscle mass which helps you to burn more calories. So, A lack of strength training can also be the reason for your slower metabolism.

Drinking sugary beverages

Excessive consumption of sugary beverages can result in various problems like diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance etc. Table sugar contains fructose which is responsible for many problems. You should avoid excessive consumption of sugary beverages.

The Bottom Line

These are some lifestyle mistakes that can ruin your metabolic rate and you can gain weight. Make sure you avoid these mistakes and develop a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Small lifestyle changes can help you to get better metabolism and keep many problems away.

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