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Building up a nursery is something that’s not taken lightly. We parents tend to go all out in giving our little one the most beautiful room possible and in the process, possibly go past the budget as well! It’s important to remember that the nursery is more about catering to the mother’s needs and ease of access. To make things easier for you, here’s a list of things every nursery needs to function properly:

Night Light

Prepare yourself forcountless trips to nursery room each night, running to pacify a squalling baby. You can imagine how many stubbed toes and grunts of pain that’s going to come out of you if you really can’t see what you’re doing. Invest in a portable night light to take along each night and it’ll help If you can change the intensity of your light to softer glows when putting your baby back to sleep.

breathable mattress
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The Mom Space

Like we said, this space is going to be more about you than the baby so you really should make sure there’s a space in the nursery comfortably laid out just for you, completely with a rocking chair for feeding times. Don’t forget that you’re going to need a cabinet nearby for all the essentials like burp clothes, diapers etc.

Open Baskets

The nursery needs to be all about easy access so having lidded baskets and containers for all your baby products and outfits doesn’t really seem like a smart move. When you have a fussy baby on your hands who doesn’t want you letting go of him, the last thing you want to do is deal with removing lids. This is when you need open baskets, where you can whip out your every need within seconds.


There’s no doubt this item was already on your shopping list, but we’re adding it to make sure you get the right kind! Remember to choose a model that allows for visibility- the sides shouldn’t be closed off but instead, barred. Don’t forget to invest in a high quality, breathable mattress as well to ensure your baby’s maximum comfort.

An Electric Fan

It might not necessarily be warm enough in your baby’s room to need a fan in the first place but a fan is more than a cooling agent. It also helps add white noise. This whirr of machinery is something that is capable of lulling a baby to sleep and will also mask other unnecessary noises like the dog barking or the hums of basic household operations.

Bouncer Seat

If you think this is something your nursery scheme can get by without, think again! For one, a bouncer seat allows the baby to be held a bit more upright and so they’ll easily be able to see you as you go about your tasks. It also mimics the mother’s body as it helps cradle the baby and this helps add that extra touch of comfort. Another plus point of using this is that it helps set the notion that the crib is reserved for sleepy time.

These are the most important things your nursery will need. It’s designed to ensure that your ease of access and your baby’s comfort are seen to simultaneously.

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