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In today’s technology-driven world nobody can overlook the importance of e-commerce platforms that empowers the online business to proactively grow their marketing, operations, and sales. Whether you want to double your customer engagement or you want to elevate your ROI, you will need to integrate a powerful e-commerce platform to revitalize the user’s shopping process. A powerful e-commerce platform grants users to add products in cart and firmly enter and accomplish the payment process. 

However, if you want to integrate a powerful e-commerce platform for next-level business then you are reading the right content. Browse the powerful e-commerce platform shared in the below passage to stay ahead of the curve in 2020 & beyond.

  1.     Shopify Plus 

Shopify Plus is an e-commerce platform which has more build in setup with advanced features. It allows their customer to design their customized creations, sensible involvement. It depends on factors, which includes volume, design, and customization. Shopify also presents enthusiastic account managers, which is a huge advantage for the company. Shopify plus is a great choice for industrial businesses. 

Shopify plus is designed for high growth sellers. If you have built a company and wanted to run it on a vast scale, then you must go for Shopify Plus. It used simple and easy coding knowledge which attracts the viewers’ attention.  

  1.     Magento

Magento is an e-commerce platform built to provide customers flexibility for shopping online. It also looks like the customer is satisfied and orderly smoothly, or whether the content is functioning properly. Magento gives amazing marketing, SEO, and managing tools. It is an open ecommerce platform, which requires programming resources. Magento action as a great variety of feathers for enterprise sellers, counting the discounts, support reappear payments, a huge amount of products, and much more. 

Users can make changes to get their favorite orders. Magento is an outstanding e-commerce platform and known as SEO friendly. 

  1.     BigCommerce

Big-commerce provides its customers with a wide variety of built-in features. Big commerce gives us both industrial based ecommerce for big companies as well for those who have just started their business. Features included in it are on time leadership quality, full time security, payment on time and partnership with other companies.  It also provides a wide variety of built-in integrations with leading and developed e-commerce apps. Big-commerce is expensive for those who just start up with their company and can be complex and might be facing some hurdles but if you are making this your choice then it will surely provide you a bonus. 

  1.     WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a free WordPress software which allows e-commerce businesses to turn into online stores. WooCommerce includes all the payment through secure process via credit cards or shopping cards. It is a great option for the smaller business brand to develop an online store which is an easy resource. Woo commerce is a free e-commerce platform; which may cost money for the order to follow up its shipping process. 

If you want to expand your business quickly and effectively, consider choosing a unique platform. Woo-commerce may stop working, or get slower as more work uploaded on it like more products are added to it.  

  1.     Squarespace

Squarespace is used for sleek drag-and-drop templates, from which it is easy to build your own website. They give different tools and features which you need in making an e-commerce store. It is popular because of its artistic and creative products, and offers a variety of products, including multiple variations in it. 

Squarespace promotes recurring payment and subscriptions, marketing tools for cart recovery, and various advanced features. Ensure to connect with Sky Potential Technologies to integrate Squarespace in your business operations.

  1.     Big Cartel

Big Cartel is an e-commerce platform designed for the artist to promote their work. Brokers can customize their themes using it and create their own creative and unique designs. The feathers included are the ability to be used by the customers; reserve track, on-time sales stats, and promos can be added on some items. Monthly pricing is based on brokers’ products, starting with the product’s price and sales items. It includes finite features and extensible, Big Cartel is a great choice for a creative broker with fewer products.

In the end, it could be stated now that the above information is appropriate for new-age enterprises and marketers. For making businesses more efficient and easy e-commerce is a useful gift of technology. It provides business operators and marketers huge benefits to drive millions of sales while staying at home.

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