Promoting your products on Amazon is different than that of your website. When you run your own ecommerce store, you can run things the way you want but when you’re selling on Amazon, you have to take care of their guidelines and the way they make their products sellable.

Every seller starts expecting the results as soon as they list their products on Amazon. But in between a dungeon of products, your selling strategy needs to be perfect to ensure that it will drive sales. So, what’s the strategy of sellers who make successful sales on Amazon?

It’s important to learn the sales strategy or the tips that make your product successful on Amazon. If you don’t know what the tips are, this blog will help you out.

  1. Product Optimization

Just as you optimize your web content for the search engines, similarly you also need to optimize your product for the Amazon searches. The first tip in this context is to give comprehensive insights into your product to Amazon. If a customer clicks on your product, they should know the features, specifications, images, usability and customer reviews on the product.

Don’t assume that customers will skim the content because they often drill down all the details to know everything about your product. A good tip is to search the keywords customers use to find your product either small or long-tail keywords. And then include those keywords in your product description. This will make your product reachable to the relevant customers.

  1. Visible Product Images

Never assume that a customer will get your product with all the descriptions you have added in the product details. Images are essential and not only the images but the high-quality images taken from a professional camera. Don’t forget to check the Amazon image requirement guidelines to ensure that your images match their criteria. 

  1. Market your Product

Direct call to actions and email communications are prohibited on Amazon as it leads the people away from the site. But writing blogs, articles or marketing on social media is a great way to make people know about your product outside of Amazon.

You can write articles on WordPress, Medium or even write Hubpages about it and link it back to your store. If you are in words with a digital marketing agency, you can also seek their help to promote your product through via online marketing. 

  1. Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon)

Amazon FBA is a service by Amazon where it takes care of your product shipment, return request and all customer services on your behalf.  

With Amazon FBA, you can stay on top of the order deliveries and customer services because Amazon takes this responsibility as theirs. Whereas, if you choose to ship on your own you can come across some cringe-worthy experience. If you have just started your seller’s journey on Amazon, then the service can be costly for you so you need to analyze if it’s worth the cost of your business.

  1. Leverage Product Reviews

Positive product reviews empower the decision-making of customers. Amazon is known for its exceptional reviews on the site and it’s really helpful. But it doesn’t mean that you go on adding fake reviews beneath your product details because Amazon will have issues with it. 

When you have service the customers, ask them via email to drop their reviews on the site. A useful review can increase your sales beyond exception. 

  1.  Sales and Promotional Discounts

Online shopping is mostly boosted by sales and discount offers. It entices the customers to buy from you as they’ll always click when they see the seller is offering a discount on the products. 

In addition, the sales offer also expands the possibility of appearing on the Amazon home page under the ‘Hot Deals’ and ‘Noteworthy Categories’ which will increase traffic on your product page. 

To Wrap in Words

That’s it. When you start selling on Amazon, it’s essential to read their guidelines thoroughly or else you might leave some important information behind. Listing your products on Amazon is a great way to kickstart your seller’s journey. While Amazon does all the heavy lifting for you, you are responsible for selling your goods. Now, let’s make your selling amazing.

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