In a tech-driven era, we all are focused to do more and make the most of our life.

But during all this constant running and struggling to make our life worth living, we forgot our mental health.

Our mental health is so important that we can’t afford to miss its stability.

Once we lose our mental peace, our productivity will suffer and end up making us more tired to achieve our life goals.

But have you ever thought, what makes us unproductive?

It can be some lifestyle habits such as multitasking, compromising your sleep, missing your meals and much more.

Let’s find out the lifestyle habits which can cost our mental health.


Focus is important for all the teeny-tiny things of your life. When you’re present in the moment, you give your best but when you run multiple tasks at one time, you have fewer chances to make them all successful.

So, the first thing that causes your mental illness is multitasking by being present everywhere.

The habit of multitasking makes you less effective because when you multitask you constantly switch between the number of tasks and don’t focus on one.

This results in your productivity and makes you less-performed at work. So, you should avoid multitasking at first.


Sitting Too Long

In our jobs, we are wired to sit for 8-10 hours in front of the computers to work the whole day.

It resists our physical activity and also makes us too tired to follow a healthy diet plan and exercise. So, sitting the whole day can be a neurological risk as well.

You can cut down your sitting time by taking frequent breaks from the work, taking out 10 mins for a walk or having a healthy discussion with your colleagues can also reduce the harmful effects of sitting all day.

Waking Up at Night

If you have been following Arianna Huffington, Sleep Revolution, then you must know how much she emphasized on the importance of sleep and how it helps to achieve mindfulness.

So, when you compromise sleep, you become less productive at work and lack the focus on your work.

It can also result in headaches, poor functioning of the brain, impaired memory, and hormonal imbalances.

So, 7-8 hours of proper sleep is important to increase your productivity.

Skipping Meals

It’s a misconception that you need to starve in order to lose weight which is absolutely wrong.

Skipping meals increases your hunger and makes you eat more. It’s also not good for your mental energy.

Some people also have the misconception that they can cover the lack of meals by taking health supplements that are geared towards a healthier lifestyle.

There are, however, some supplements that are best for health such as if you read Truvision reviews, you will find it effective to follow it with your meals.

Information Overload

We live in a world where we wake up reading our emails and social feeds and sleep doing the same.

There’s a load of information to consume for the whole day, even at your workplaces when you interact with your colleagues, you share and consume information on the go.

So, this information overload can also suffer our mental health and when we don’t sleep well, our brain doesn’t digest the information well.

Too much information can also affect your concentration and frustrate you with important matters. To be very honest, it can also affect your relationship with your friends and family.

Staying Up with Headphones Always

We love to block the distractions through earphones so we can focus on our work.

Some people are so addicted to the headphones that they aren’t even able to walk or travel without it.

That too much hearing can damage our brain tissues and hearing capabilities. So, it’s wise to use headphones when it’s needed only.

The hearing problems also damage our brain abilities and cause us to focus more by giving more attention to what people are saying.

To Conclude it in Words

If you’re concerned about the quality of your work and your thinking abilities then it’s high time to cut out these 6 habits from your life and start focusing on your mental health by adopting the solutions.

What piece of advice do you have to have a healthy lifestyle?

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