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Karachi is one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan and it’s called the city of lights. It is a country which is the potential trade hub of Pakistan if we say that it’s the backbone of the economic power of Pakistan, so it would not be wrong. Karachi is the birthplace of the founder of Pakistan, and undoubtedly, it’s quite an essential part of Pakistan. Karachi is known for its historical views and breathtaking beach. It’s the best place for the one who is in search of a historical perspective. If we talk about the weather so the weather there is entirely prohibited because of the cool breezes that come from the port of river Sindh.

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Here are some places you shouldn’t miss to visit whenever you visit Karachi.

1: Mazar-e-Quaid:-

It’s of the most prominent place in Karachi. As I mentioned, the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in Karachi, and here we are talking about the tomb of our founder; it is also known as the National Mausoleum. Generally, it is the landmark of Karachi. It is the essential tourist point for foreigners and domestic people as well, which is located in the heart of Karachi near Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

This place is well known for its calming sensation and peaceful atmosphere. It is a building made up of white marble, and it was designed by Yahya merchant in 1969 a beautiful place which is surrounded by greenery will surely prove itself the best point for you.

2: Paradise Points:-

It’s considered as the heavens on earth you can easily travel from Lahore to this point as Lahore To Karachi Serene Air Ticket Price are quite affordable these days. You can quickly get your location almost in 3 hours from Lahore by air. It is a curving stone orientation inside the river beside the beach. This point is one of the most attractive tourist points for families and visitors. Here you will be ride accessible to amuse yourself with a bunch of beach activities such as camel riding, Joyland, parks, swimming, and much more. Every year almost a hundred people from all over the world enjoy the cool breeze of the paradise point.

3: Do Darya:-

It’s one of the most fabulous food roads all over Pakistan, which is situated in DHA phase 8 Karachi. Don’t miss to visit Do Darya whenever you visit Karachi as there many food streets all across Pakistan here the special one located in Karachi a 1.5-kilometer-long food street beside the river nothing can beat its perfections.

It’s the focal point for foodies here. You can have your hands upon hundreds of eatables at once, so if you are Pakistani cuisine fan, so don’t miss visiting do-Darya.

4: Clifton Beach:-

It is all Karachi has it’s the most rushy point where each day almost hundreds of tourists come and explore this sea view it’s the busiest place all over Karachi its located near Saddar Karachi it is a place where we see a lot of families having fun collectively. Generally, it is a picnic point where you can enjoy with your family and can render upon 100 of beaching activities. It is one of the biggest beaches all over Pakistan.

The specialty of the place is here. You will be able to play a lot of activities, for example, horse ride, camel riding, snake show, magic show, and much more.

5: Masjid-e-Tobbah:-

It’s one of the most beautiful mosques in Pakistan and also known as gol masjid (Round mosque). The mosque is located in defense housing authority and was established inc1969. This mosque ranks itself as the 18th largest mosque of the world, and it has the capacity of 5000 people in its lobby to offer prayer at once. Tobbah mosque is going to meet you with the fabulous architecture it’s the first acoustic building in Karachi, which makes it totally noise-free.

6: Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim:-

This park is located in Clifton Saddar and ranks itself as the largest parks in Karachi, which covers an area of up to 140 acres. Here you can enjoy the greenery and nature quite calmly.

So, these are the top 6 places you will need to visit when you go to Karachi what’s stopping you have your hands on the cheapest airlines and come to Karachi.

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