A sleepy and nostalgic town to the south of Croatia’s coast, Dubrovnik is a vacation favorite
for many reasons, including an excellent shoreline and jaw-dropping Roman architecture. If
you find yourself in the rustic town with only a day to spare, here’s how to spend it right so
that you capture the best parts of an expansive to-do list that could easily spill across an
entire week.

1) Stroll the famous walls
Any Dubrovnik to-see compilation almost always kicks off with its pristine walls, and it is with good reason that that is the case. The walls of Dubrovnik span 1940 meters of royal beauty, nicely pairing the canvas of blue waters immediately before them. Six fortresses are scattered across the structure, and if they look a little too familiar, you may be recalling them from the HBO show Game of Thrones, where the walls depicted alluring ancient backdrops.

2) Ride the cable car from Mount Srđ
The views from the magnificent city walls are great, but they are nothing compared to what
you see from within a cable car hovering dozens of feet above the coastal town. The faint
brown of roofs stands out memorably within the whitewashed and green-accented cityscape, while the water peacefully bobbles against vessels and boundaries. You might just be tempted to look up a Croatia property listing so that you don’t have to leave! The nature of the mountain is also worth experiencing as an attraction on its own.

3) Head over to Lokrum
In Dubrovnik’s nearest periphery is the island of Lokrum, clearly visible from certain points
within the city. You can bridge the distance with a short ferry ride that connects both places. Lokrum offers a shady escape from the summer heat or crowds, ensuring hours of
refreshing relaxation in the company of olive, cypress, and pine trees within a subtropical
utopia. You may choose to kayak there if you’d like to get a first-hand sailing experience.

4) Hit the beach
Surely it won’t be a good coastal adventure if you didn’t spend some time getting to know a lovely sandy shore somewhere in Dubrovnik. Luckily, you can soak in such delights at many places throughout the town, including Danče bay, which offers sunbathing jetties, Banje beach, which wonderfully overlooks the Old Town, and the Copacabana beach where it’s not uncommon to run into famous faces.

5) See the day out with a sunset party!
Dubrovnik is terrific during the day, but once the sun sets, the nightlife kicks into full gear.
You can jump into eccentric parties at nightclubs such as Culture Club Revelin, which treats
guests to colorful light displays, vibrant performances, and proper Croatian beer and wine. If you have time for a late-night snack like pizza or cake, be sure to pass by Mlinar bakery!
There are only 24 hours in a day, and you’ll be asleep for a third of that. Dubrovnik certainly deserves much more; we recommend about four days. It holds an irresistible past-century vibe that you’ll find hard to let go off, while there are many sights to see that require a lot more time. Nonetheless, if a day is all you can spare, the above summarizes Dubrovnik’s most charming gifts!

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