Long & beautiful hair is the dream of many girls and women but, unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky to get it naturally.

Well, if you are the one who wants the same, then it’s high time to add collagen in your life to get miraculous results.

Collagen is the substance full of protein which is needed by the body for the smooth function of joints. It is not only good for hair but also has benefits to the skin.

Our body produces enough amount of collagen but after a certain age, it minimizes the production. But, there are lots of collagen supplements that work effectively available in the market which can help you to maintain the quality of hair.

Well, you might be thinking about how collagen can help your hair to look elegant and strong so, here are some advantages which will clear all your doubts.

Provides amino acids: To produce keratin, our body needs amino acids and collagen is rich in it. Keratin is a must because it forms hair. If we talk about collagen then, Marine collagen is the one which is full of proline. If you will add it to your diet, then automatically your hair starts looking good.

Take care of the scalp: Itchy and scalp with dandruff can be the reason for your poor looking hair but, collagen intake helps to fight with this problem as well. Yes, it gives strength as well as improves the elasticity of the skin. Within the layers, the roots of the hair follicles sit which is made at least 70% of the collagen. With time, our body stops producing it and we have to face problem-related to hair but, increasing intake in your diet can be a beneficial one.

Best for free radicals: Due to its antioxidant properties, collagen lets you fight against all those damaging radicals. As we know, free radicals can be formed by many things but, our day to day life contributes much to it such as poor air pollution. Apart from that, alcohol, stress, smoking, etc. also contribute. A large amount of collagen can help you fight and control hair problems as it helps to fight against free radicals.

Prevent thinness of hair: It helps the root of each hair get stronger and prevent thinning. It provides power and lots of strength to the dermis but, with age, the production of collagen becomes less which results in hair thinning.

Increase the age of black hair: As it is rich with antioxidant property, it let the hair color look beautiful and black which means there is no space for grey hair. When a person starts to age, we see more grey hair and the reason is that their body has lost the capacity to produce collagen which results in white and grey hair.

So, now you got enough idea of why collagen is so important for hair. It gives color, strength, shine, and length to hair. So, take as much as collagen you can in your daily routine.

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