We see that some people with less IQ and fewer abilities succeed in life, but many with high IQ and more potential live an ordinary life. We become curious to explore their success. What factors do help them succeed in their lives? What magical powers do they have that 80% of the people don’t have?

These questions should mean to all those who want to succeed in their life.

If you’re curious to find out the footprints of success and want to succeed in your life, then fasten your seat belts and read all this carefully.

The first and principal step to succeed in your life is to understand what actually success is.

Because this is a leading cause of failure, you will always feel empty at the end of your journey if you don’t know what success is.

For example, we all run our lives for the sake of money. We all want to start a successful business and get fame. All these are quite common dreams of human beings.

But the fact is, most people regret it at the end of their lives. I have interviewed people after their retirement, and most of them were mourning in their lives. And they were not satisfied with the money they gathered.

That’s why it’s essential to understand what real success is?

Let’s start with this fantastic definition of success,

Success is the achievement of the goals and the dreams that satisfy your inner self. – Junaid Raza.

It means that if you’re not living a life that can satisfy your inner self, you will never succeed in your life.

So it’s time to rethink, on which matters, you claim that I would do this when things would be all right. Most of those things are the things that mean to you.

Rethink those things and then look at the following factors that will help you achieve success in life.

Success factors:

Realizing your success isn’t everything; there are success factors that you must require to achieve your goals and dreams in your life.


Education is one of the topmost success factors that help you succeed in your life. Well, don’t get embarrassed if you don’t have a cool academic record. You can claim many successful business people who couldn’t succeed in their schools.

I agree with you, that’s why let me explain a little bit more.

Education isn’t a synonym of degree. If you don’t have a business degree, that doesn’t mean you aren’t well educated.

But education comes from the habit of reading, learning, and experiencing things. You might get surprised to know that Bill Gates reads 50 books a year. Do you?

Successful people have realized that educating themselves with knowledge is a critical factor to success.


Unfortunately, education isn’t everything. The other important factor is how much you’re utilizing your knowledge. That means how many talents did you learn from your education?

I can explain to you with an example. Suppose that you have thousands of programs on your computer, but you didn’t install them. How useful are they?

Those are only consuming your space and nothing else.

That’s the matter with your education. If you didn’t learn new skills from your education, you wouldn’t triumph.

To understand from a business perspective, look at this example. If you’re a business owner. You are doing a job as a manager in your company. It would be best if you always tried to learn all the skills related to your business so that you could guide people on how they can become more productive and more fruitful. On the other hand, if you’re blank for all other skills, then you can’t even notice whether you’re doing the right things or not.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the Rich Dad series, said in his book that you should not spend your whole life learning one skill to enhance your expertise but try to learn many skills in your life, and it will make you wealthy.

Positive & learning attitude

In research, it’s clear that believing in yourself helps you achieve your goals. And if you doubt yourself or doubt in your plans, you face failure from time to time.

For example, for those who keep Plan-A & Plan-B for their businesses, they doubt their Plan-A, and that’s why they will fail to implement and get results from it.

Thus, it’s always essential to keep yourself positive for your plans but keep your attitude learning.

Only those are successful in their lives, who have a learning attitude. Because if you don’t have a learning attitude, that means that you don’t want to learn new ideas and grow. What shall you happen?

Others will and leave you behind.

So it’s another vital factor to succeed in your life.


Regarding business or any other aspect of life, those who succeed in their lives had the support of money.

For example, it was researched and found that all those businesses which fail, a large percentage of those had a lack of financial support.

I don’t think we need a list of examples to make you understand this, because we all know how finances play a role in our lives.

So if you don’t have money, you have fewer chances to grow in your life.


For those who have less money they must not believe that they can’t make it. It’s relatively easier to make money these days. So it’s better to invest some time and make money and then invest in your goals.

Hard Word

You can’t deny that hard work plays a vital role in success. If you’re lazy enough to do anything, you shouldn’t expect success in your life.

It’s a habit of unsuccessful people to wait for a Christlike for life who will change their lives. Unluckily, it never happens. That’s why if you’re passionate enough to be successful in your life, then build a habit of hard work in your life.


All those who want something meaningful in life or business must understand that success is a life pattern. Although success is different for different people, however, some success factors help achieve their goals. These factors are like footprints of success, you can adopt those success factors and achieve anything in life.

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