Love is something that needs to be expressed not just with words but with actions. You must have heard this quote many times that action speaks louder than words. You always don’t have to be outspoken to be able to express your feelings to others. Small gestures that you do can really speak louder than your words and can make the biggest space in the heart. 

There are various relations in our life that we cherish and love the people associated with them wholeheartedly. Such relations can be either by birth like our parents and siblings or some are what we have been blessed to have after birth like our friends, partners etc. 

We love them very much, but sometimes just speaking about your love is not enough to convince the person that you love them. You have to speak through your actions. Actions touch the heart immediately. 

So if you want to express your love to your loved ones through your actions, then try doing these small gestures that are listed below and win their hearts forever.

Cook for them-

It is said that the route to the heart goes through the stomach, and this statement is applicable for both men and women. The stomach is related to food. Good food can impress anyone instantly. So if you want to do something for your loved ones, then try cooking something for them. It can be anything. Even if you are not a professional cook, then also try cooking simple food items like maggie, pats, sandwiches, nachos or it can be beverages like morning tea, evening coffee or even a glass of lemon water if they are stressed out. These gestures seem really small, but they make big space in the heart. 

Hug them often-

It is scientifically proven that hugging can release stress and make a person feel better instantly. With the busy lifestyle, sometimes we all feel exhausted and stressed for no reason. In such a situation nothing works better than a hug from our loved ones. So you can try this with your partner, your mother, your sister or even with your father. I am sure they will love this gesture of yours.

Buy them gifts-

Who doesn’t appreciate gifts? They are an instant mood uplifter. And gifting doesn’t need any occasion. Random gifts are more surprising and appreciated than the expected ones. You can buy gifts for our loved ones and surprise them with the same. These days there are many gift options available in the market for every occasion. You can even get personalised gifts for your loved ones to make them feel more connected with you. These days you can send gifts online too. 

Offer help-

We often offer help to those who don’t need it. But we never try to help those who are really in need of that. I hope you must have guessed it by now that whom I am talking about. Yes, I am talking about the women of our house like our mother, wife, sisters, etc. They work all day to fulfill our needs. From preparing breakfast for us to supporting us in crises, they do it all, and the surprising part is that they never complain. Offering help to them can lessen their burden, giving them time for themselves. You can help them in doing the laundry or washing utensils, serving food etc. There are many things you can do to lessen their burden. It is a small gesture but leaves an everlasting impression on the heart. 

* You can send gifts to India from the UK via online delivery services. 

Be compassionate- 

Compassion is a very rare skill, but the most important one. Being compassionate towards the other is a great way to deal with the relationship. Every relationship goes through conflict and arguments, but that doesn’t mean we will disrespect the relationship because of that. Having differences in opinions and choices is absolutely okay but trying to superimpose them on others and disrespecting them is not appreciated. Even if you have a conflict with your mother, sister, father or your partner, don’t raise your voice and try to understand their point of view instead of arguing for it. Don’t feel ashamed of admitting your mistake and apologizing for the same. 

It is not easy to build a strong relationship. It requires effort, love, compassion, respect and understanding in equal proportion. Just speaking about the strength of the relationship is not enough. You have to take actionable steps for the same. I hope you liked and found the article helpful.

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