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If you can describe yourself as a cheerful, playful and easy-going person, there are great chances that you will love the Bohemian interior design. And what is there not to like? It is bright, it has patterns, a multi-cultural texture of lots of layers and elements, and best of all, it is so unique. It gets its name from the meaning of the word Bohemian itself, which refers to people who stand out from the conventional principles of the society and are usually passionate about the arts. So if you are looking for a vivid place to live, go for it. If you are still not convinced, here are X more reasons why Bohemian style will capture your heart.

1.      It’s Inspiring

The colours used to capture the Bohemian spirit are versatile. Simply, there are no rules when you choose the mix of colours, even though warm earthy tones seem to be the preferable choice of many. Also, the jewel undertones, as well as the metallic ones, are rather common. All of the saturation of hues is incredibly inspiring and unique. The mix of colours and textures reminds people of travelling around the world, meeting new people and new cultures, and it clearly shows the feeling of diversity.

2.      It’s Decorative… A lot

Contrary to the modern, Scandinavian or mid-century interior design, whose basic principle is sleek, minimal and modern decorative elements, the bohemian style goes for the “more is better” philosophy. The basic principle here is to mix and match different kinds of elements and in different colours. A specific flair of the decorative side is the minimal worn-out look the elements have so that you get the feeling that comfort has settled and reigns with the place. Therefore, crochet, fringe, macramé pillows, curtains and rugs create a comfortable feeling in the whole picture.

3.      It’s Antique

When it comes to the furniture of Bohemian style, you probably won’t find it in the modern furniture shops across the country. It takes time to collect all the right pieces because they have antique value. So, antique shops and second-hand shops where vintage items are sold are the right place to look. Plush chairs and couches in strong colours, as well as overstuffed floor pillows, are just a fraction of all the possibilities.

If you can’t imagine how this kind of furniture can look into your home, you can ask a virtual staging designer to create a look of the rooms with boho virtual staging furniture, and you will be able to envision it and imagine living in such ambience. It is a great way to test the waters first and then go for it.

4.      It’s Relaxing

All the pieces that are chosen in this style should be comfortable and relaxed pieces, including daybeds, butterfly chairs, chaises longues, and so on. Plus, there should be a lot of ambient lighting so that the calm and welcoming feel is completed. Or, instead of a fixture on the ceiling, there should be lots of lanterns, candles, floor and table lamps.

5.      It’s Full of Life

Another basic principle of this style is the presence of lots of botanicals that add another dimension of liveliness in the place. Ferns and hanging plants make the room vibrant plus add quality to the air inside. Succulents are another popular choice for people who don’t have a green thumb, whereas peace lilies are an excellent choice as they can thrive well in a variety of light and temperature conditions.

The Bottom Line

Bohemian style is perfect for those who have an artistic soul and love indulging in the pleasures of the world. If you belong to this group of people, you shouldn’t hesitate about transforming your place into the Bohemian style experience.

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