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All couples wait for Valentine’s Day throughout the year. After all, on this day couples get the chance to rekindle the romance in their love life. All lovebirds desire to flee from the crowd with their soul mate to have a cosy and intimate romantic time. 

Why not live your dream Valentine’s Day on this approaching 14th February? Take a break from your hectic and monotonous schedule and go for a trip to the world’s top picturesque destinations holding your loved one’s hand. Offer Valentine’s Day roses & send flowers to gurgaon to your other half in a place where nobody knows you.

Have you started an argument thinking which would be the best gateway to cherish the day of romance the most? Let me clear your dilemma. In the next five minutes, you can explore the world’s top places for a romantic getaway reading the rest of the article.

#1 Singapore

This island possesses enough breath-taking places to watch that one can ever imagine. The country with enormous architectural innovations wows everyone. The South-East Asia Aquarium or S.E.A. Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world where you can see over 100,000 underwater creatures while meeting large sharks face to face. The adventure doesn’t end here. Take a ride on Singapore Flyer, which is one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world with your spouse to get even closer when on that thrilling ride. During this half an hour ride, you can enjoy the scenic view of the Marina Bay. 

Go with your partner to spectacular Marina Bay and experience the awful view of the skyline which is hard to find anywhere else. Want to delight your loved one with a vibrant bouquet here? Contact a florist in Bangalore & order online flower in delhi, which provides flower delivery service all over the world. Here you will find the iconic Merlion statue also.

Are you a shopaholic? Then reach at Orchard Road to find the colossal range of fashionable outfits. Also, relish the delicious cuisine at the food courts of that mall. Other than this, there are lavish hotels, the opportunity to go for a safari, several places for rocking night outs, and the list is not going to end.

#2 Paris, France

It is not at all surprising that the maximum number of couples dreams to spend their honeymoon in Paris. The Centre of attraction of this city, the Eiffel Tower is the romantic most place and all-out visited architecture in France. The top floor of the tower which is almost 900 ft. high from the ground, consists of a champagne bar especially for the couples which is decorated with gloomy lights to give the love pairs the sensuous environment.

If art and painting attract you then reach the Louvre, the world’s largest museum of art. In the evening the museum looks magnificent when the lights lit up. This is a quiet and calm place to get flamboyant with the art and spend enough of romantic moments.

When you are going to Paris for the occasion of the day of love, you must visit the Temple of Love in Paris, the ideal venue for the couples just like you. Buy flowers to present your soul mate retaking the marriage vows here. 

Don’t miss the spellbinding view of River Seine in the evening when thousands of lights flash on the river’s clear water. You may also take a cruise ride sailing on the river and have some delectable food there.

#3 Venice, Italy

Obviously, while you are thinking about a romantic gateway the relaxing Gondola ride is peeping in your mind over and again. Yes, this place attracts most of the couples to Venice. Buy a bouquet online to wish your partner Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy the ride holding the hands.

Strolling with your beloved on a silvery beach in sunny weather undoubtedly gives you umpteen pleasures. Feel that essence on the Alberoni beach. 

The ecstasy of viewing the city from the Rialto Bridge offers you a lifetime experience of scenic beauty. 

Did you ever experience seeing an entire city sailing on a boat? It can be possible in Venice only when you will ride on the water boat on Grand Cannel. 

#4 Dubai, UAE

The ersatz deserted country, Dubai, doesn’t need any introduction. The emirate is known for its luxurious shopping, savoury cuisine, and much more to have fun. 

The heroes in Bollywood movies perform a lot of stunts in a helicopter to make the heroine feel special. I’m not telling you to do such kind of stunts. But, you can take a romantic helicopter ride with your soul mate. You can opt for riding seaplane flights too, which will bestow you the view of the whole emirate in just 20 minutes. 

The excitement doesn’t end here. You can arrange a romantic candlelit dinner on a yacht. Thinking of how to present Valentine’s Day Flower to your loved one here? You can order blooms in the same way as you order flower delivery in India.

Enjoy an enthralling ride of a hot air balloon with your spouse. If you love to take exciting rides in an amusement park then rush to the Wild Wadi Water Park with him/her.

#5 Maldives

Looking for a place with picturesque view amalgamated with lots of adventures? Here your search will get a halt. This small island has a lot to offer. Besides the charm of the white-sanded beach, Maldives has an underwater aquarium restaurant where you can have romantic dining with your special one meeting the inhabitants of the water world. Take the submarine ride to know how the bottommost part of the sea looks like. If you want to unveil this yourself in the water world then you may opt for scuba diving too. 

Spend a cosy timespan staying at the lush hotel rooms. Set your mood getting a nice floral arrangement. If you are missing the near ones back home, send them a cute posy through the best flower delivery service in Bangalore. Don’t miss the authentic spa massage with the essential oils to rejuvenate your beauty.


So, now you got some ideas of the most romantic places in the world to revel the upcoming 14th February. I hope this article would be helpful for you and you will experience a fabulous Valentine’s Day this year.

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