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5 Essential Sleep Accessories You Should Have


It’s recommended that you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night, but not everyone is actually getting that much sleep. Even more, people get poor quality sleep when they actually do go to lay down for the night. Fortunately, there are sleep accessories that can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer for better quality rest. 

Here are five different sleep accessories you can look into to help you sleep, especially if you’re known to struggle with the process once you try to bed down for the night.

  • Pure Kana CBD Oil

This is an excellent sleep aid made from cannabis, just lacking in the chemical additive that makes you feel high. Because this stuff is milder and not at all addictive, you can take it without fear of failing any upcoming drug tests. It will also help you sleep on those insomniac nights without leaving you feeling addicted to it.

  • Black Out Curtains

You’ll find these anywhere that sells blinds or curtains. Just as the name describes, they’re designed to block out almost all light filtering in from outside. This makes them perfect for night shift workers. If you’re a night owl who finds it hard to sleep through the blinding sunlight during the day, then get yourself a set of these curtains. You’ll definitely see what a difference they make to your already screwed up circadian rhythm.

  • A GOOD Pillow

If you’re looking for a pillow, get a really good one. Something of good quality to rest your ever-precious head-on when you lay down at night. Something like memory foam or a buckwheat pillow are great bedding additions. Body pillows are great too if you’re looking for extra support. The best body pillow is one you can wrap entirely around to support your spine, neck, and extremity weight.

  • White Noise

This one has been proven time and again to be especially helpful in helping people fall asleep. White noise is a non-repeating, soothing sound that your brain can ‘listen’ to without really focusing on it, enabling it to sort of hypnotize itself to sleep. Once it associates this sound with bedtime, you might surprise yourself with just how quickly you fall asleep at night. Unlike normal music or movies, your brain won’t tunnel-vision on what it is listening to, which is great if the end goal is just shutting it off for the night.

  • Weighted Blankets

There’s no denying the calming sensation of weight on your body, particularly when you’re trying to fall asleep. A weighted blanket can give you not only the warmth but also the grounding weight to help relax you into dreamland. They’re also especially effective for anxiety, so if sleep is the best cure for anxiety, then a weighted blanket is just what the doctor ordered.


Everyone needs sleep, but not everyone can obtain it easily. Experiment and find out what works for you. You never know what you might find that helps you drift off the easiest.

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