Formal wear is almost always mistaken for the only chic option. While formal pants for ladies look stylish, this is not the only option available to you if you want to head out in style. In today’s blog, learn the art of dressing up in a chic way and looking nothing less than a fashionista.

Here are few from the pool of options that you can give a try:

Mixed Prints

If you adore prints and do not let any chance of purchasing a printed clothing item go from your hands, then this go-to look is for you. Next time when you go out on a shopping spree, try looking for an amalgam of prints. Invest in different prints and then try bringing all those clothing items together. Thus, creating a bold and chic look.

However, remember that pairing printed or patterned clothing pieces can be very tricky. It will take you some time before you master the art. But you should not give up. Many people believe that when they go for an ‘all print’ look, there are no rules. However, this is not the case. You will have to be picky when choosing printed clothing items as the prints should harmonize well together.

If you make this look work well for you, you will turn many of those heads in your direction. The key is to pick the right contrasting patterns or prints.

Neck Scarf

This little accessory can give your whole look a chic twist. Usually, individuals do not pay attention to the little details. Perhaps, if they start doing so, they can up their dressing game by many folds. It is hard to imagine that a tiny piece of cloth can make such a difference. But it does. Try wearing a neck scarf the next time that you head out.

Neck scarf is a powerful accessory that can be tied around the neck in various ways. One way of wearing then scarf will go well with one outfit while the second way will go with another. You can even consider wearing a neck scarf instead of a choker. Investing in a silk scarf will be one of the best decisions on your part.

Here are some tips that will make neck scarf shopping easy for you:

  • Shop for unique colors, patterns, and designs
  • Understand the types of neck scarves that you need and learn how to tie them

Belt It

One can never go wrong with a belt. Belt has to be that accessory that adds the oomph factor to any outfit it is worn with. Whether it is a dress or a suit, belts can make any outfit fly from a zero to a ten. All you have to do is be a bit creative while adding a belt as an accessory to your outfit. You will have to understand that belts come in different colors and widths. And that your creativity lies in deciding the width and color that goes best with your outfit.

Some of the outfits that you can wear a belt with include a flirty dress, a masculine blazer, and an oversized shirt. You can follow the tips given below to make the belt look work well for you:

  • Choose the right width
  • Choose the belt that compliments your style
  • Find out the stores where you can find the widest range of variety

Shades On

Not every shape that the shades come in suits, everyone. There was a time when wayfarers were in. Following that, aviators were the talk of the town. And these days you can spot women wearing over-sized shades. From Kim Kardashian to J.Lo, every other celebrity these days is sporting the larger than the face sized shades. However, try them first to see if the style that’s popular suits you or not.

The many ways of wearing sunglasses include on the face (the most obvious one), top of your head and hanging off the neckline. Some of the tips to follow if you wish to look fashionable in shades include:

  • Make sure your glasses complement the silver or gold accessories (if you wear them)
  • Try finding the perfect fit for your face’s shape
  • Invest in shades that go well with the colors that you wear most often

While shades go well with almost every attire, pairing them with Pakistani women dress can be tricky. Being a stylist, I always struggled to find the perfect pair that will gel in with the Pakistani attire. If you wear western clothes, you do not have to worry much.

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