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It’s a matter of fact that Facebook has emerged to be one of the most fascinating places to reach new target audiences and grow your brand to the climax position. We often hear about building consistent mind awareness focusing on social media marketing trends to examine and evaluate the success stories all the time. People often raise queries like “I have recently shared my stuff on Facebook, but I don’t know what is happening around, keeping this view in my mind, six months later then I quit my job and my side hustle became my full-time role.

That seems alright, but it’s mostly not the most commonly used factor to clearly elaborate future considerations in social media marketing aspects. I’ve just heard more people, especially small business owners, have an entirely different story: “We have tried Facebook, but it just didn’t work for us.”

The initial story is an unusual case, and I firmly believe that the second instance is, too often to promote brand awareness across the global marketplace.

There are certain ways Facebook can be leveraged for small and startup businesses, but you have to ensure yourself to build consistency, and reliability to intimate yourself to have a set of success and potential goals given some of the limitations of the Facebook platform in terms of social media marketing and other aspects. 

Here are five useful tips and tricks for how your small business can leverage Facebook Ads and measure the success of your social media marketing agency to the next level. 

  • Maintain campaign objectives to measure your goals

Are you trying to get out the most from Facebook Ads? Additional sales, larger newsletter readership, increased brand awareness? This is a major factor to determine how your Facebook Ads account will be set up. Fortunately, Facebook Ads have clear objectives that are pictured for nearly every goal you could have for your social media marketing campaigns to choose from your Facebook Ads. 

Generally, this is not a well-defined way for me to prescribe the right campaign objectives for every individual. 

If you’re interested in multiple niches, I admire you to hang over every name and click the “i” icon next to each and read a short description of their most suitable use cases. 


  • Search Your Target Audience in Audience Insights

If you are determined to get one of the favorite places to start with any new account is to understand the business requirements of your target audiences. Primarily, Facebook Ads make it quite easy via Audience Insights tool to devise social media marketing campaigns in a consistent manner. 

The foremost instance is that you must have your Facebook page coupled to your Business Manager account to visualize this data or information. 

If your main navigation in Facebook Business Manager, head over to the planning section and choosing the “Audience Insights.”

  • Examining and Evaluation of Targeting Layers

If you are setting up target audiences in your Facebook Ads, it’s important to understand the difference between logical consequences of AND, and OR target audiences focusing on social media marketing trends to the next level. You must know the difference here can be between targeting 15,000 and 15,000,000 audience reach. 

Simplistic and Cost-Effective Way to understand it is to use the formats provided by Facebook itself. The overall targeting listed in a box or targeting while multiple boxes mean and targeting. Let’s take an example to illustrate the concept behind:

In the image highlighted above, all the targeted interests are considered as OR targeting. This states that someone can be interested in Crate & Barrel or AllModern types of equipment tempt to be included in the list of the target audience. After finalizing your aspects to each time you should add another interest in this box, your target audience size will go to the above level. 

However, let’s understand you want to target people who like these brands, but only those who are interested in this brand AND targeting have a particular level of income. Let’s take into where the narrow audience function comes into action.

We proceed ahead in making an attempt to concise our target audience that we’re effectively looking to choose the overlapping segment of the Venn diagram of the two focus groups as depicted in the image above. 

To make the most for our social media campaigns, we’ll have to consider multiple aspects to conservative the audiences and layers in the form of ROI and income generation levels. 

Now, our targeting section seems like this as shown in the image with the two segments being placed in separate boxes. This clearly defines that users have to fit any particular criteria from the first box and choose any specific criteria from the second box to be incorporated in our target audience. With the implementation of the income segment in the second box, we’ve concise our targeted audience to a limited extent. 

If you’re setting up your target audience and you have layers implemented as shown in the image above, ensure that you’re keeping with the AND, and OR logic to understand your target audience. Try not being too concise or too broad simply by not paying attention to the boxes.


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