We always enjoy and watch the star players perform so well live up to the expectation and hope of their fans. They give everything to the game for the nation. We only watch the performance and truly unaware the behind stories. How much a player is needed to sacrifice and how often they have to choose the team or a nation over their families! We can never understand that. This is a common scenario for every sport including cricket.

Cricket is always special with all the moments of passion, emotion, the thrill and anticipation. A cricketer continuously tries to better and pushes every limit to achieve success. Hard work, motivation, support and dedication is very important to be a brilliant cricketer. Their passion is what make them choose the team and sacrifices the family time. There are many examples that even in crucial moment they did not leave their team and fulfill all the responsibilities.

Today, we are talking about 10 such cricketers who win our hearts not only for the performances, but also for the spirit and passion for cricket.

1. MS Dhoni

Known for the effort, bravery and cool temper, MS Dhoni is one of the iconic leaders in the Indian Cricket team. He is the only one to win all the ICC trophies as a captain of Indian cricket team. He retired from Test matches in 2014 and gave his full attention to the ICC World Cup 2015. He did not return to his country after the India vs Australia ODI series even there was one week gap.

Normally, Dhoni gives his equal priority to his family, but due to the passion and determination to win the World Cup he avoided the trip. He did not want to make himself tired and exhausted. His wife Sakshi Dhoni’s delivery date was nearing at that time. She gave birth to their daughter Ziva on 6th February, 2015. But Dhoni could meet her when the tournament ended, almost one and a half months later.

2. Sachin Tendulkar

The God of Indian cricket, Sachin Tendulkar experienced the most shocking phase of his life during the ICC World Cup 1999. His father passed away at that time. He was very close to his father. Sachin always got the immense support and inspiration from him. It was really hard for him to endure the loss of his father.

3. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli lost his father when he was only 17 years old. He was playing a match on behalf of Delhi in the Ranji Trophy. The match was between Delhi and Karnataka. Karnataka was in a far better position. Just a few hours before the 4th Day of the match, Virat received the shocking news. The full family was traumatised and shocked.

But Virat did not forget his responsibility. Just like his idol Sachin Tendulkar, he decided to play for his team. Though Delhi could not win the match, Virat batted very well and scored 90 runs. After finishing the match, he returned to his family to complete the entire last rites.

4. Parthiv Patel

Parthiv Patel was an asset in 2019 for the team Royal Challengers Bangalore. He batted very well. His confidence and talent was praised by everyone. Virat Kohli and Parthiv Patel were the opening batsman for the team. Though he was getting success on the ground, there were some sorrows in his life as well.

His father’s health condition was critical at that time. He was in the hospital during the IPL season. He was playing with dedication for the team and at the same time fulfilling all his responsibilities as a son. He travelled a lot at that time to visit his father. His family was always there to show support.

But luck was not with him. His father, Ajit Patel passed away. He returned to his home to complete the final rites and attended the game against Kenya without any delay. The whole stadium witnessed his performance and the historical century that he scored with emotion and passion. It seems like the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar still inspires all his juniors by his 1999 World Cup experience.

5. Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan is one of the fantastic players in today’s generation. His style and performance is continually surprising everyone. He is one of the leading leg spinners in T20 matches. He is showing his significant talent for the international tournaments as well. Unfortunately, he had to face some tragedy in his personal life. Still, he did not abandon his team and played well.

He was playing on behalf of the Adelaide Strikers in the Big Bash League. At that time he received the shocking news of his father’s demise. But he did not go back to his home and continued playing for the team. Though he was criticized for prioritizing the match over his father’s final prayer, his passion,love and dedication cannot be ignored at all.

6. Mohammed Shami

Mohammad Shami, is known as an efficient and fast bowler. His seam and swing deliveries are really enchanting. In 2016, India was playing Test match series against New Zealand. But Shami had more tension in his mind than just cricket. His daughter Aairah was very unwell and hospitalized. He was flying to and from his home Kolkata and workplace continuously.

His daughter is admitted in ICU. Slowly she was getting better. Nobody had any idea about his personal struggle. He gave equal importance to his team and played very well. India won the series. His teammates had no idea that he was going through such a tough phase. Later, Virat Kohli told the media that, everyone was shocked after knowing the condition of Shami’s daughter and praised wholeheartedly as he played for the country, despite his daughter’s critical condition.

7. Ravichandran Ashwin

Ajinkya Rahane and Ravichandran Ashwin built a very strong partnership in India vs South Africa fourth Test match which was held in Delhi. Rahane smashed the double century. Ashwin batted very well and scored a fifty. Nobody actually knew that Ashwin was facing true difficulties at that time.

His wife Prithi Ashwin informed the media that, Chennai city was flooded by heavy rainfall at that time. There was no news of Ashwin’s parents. He couldn’t contact and got any sign of his parents. The damage and other devastating information were everywhere in the media. Despite being such tensed, he played very well and did not let his personal problems affect his performance. Much later, he was informed that his parents were doing well and safe.

8. Brett Lee

For Australia and England cricket team, the Ashes series is always very meaningful. They ignore everything, all the personal problems and only play for the nation. They give their best to do well. In 2006, Brett Lee had to face a very serious situation during the first Test which was held in Gabba.

His wife was pregnant at that time and the delivery date was nearing. During the opening of the series, he stayed with the ream and performed with spirit and strength. He gave priority to the team instead of his family. That year the Ashes series was won by Australia and Brett Lee performed like a hero.

9. Brendan Taylor

It is very hard for Zimbabwe players to get the chance on an IPL team. Brendan Taylor was just newly married at that time. When he was selected to represent in the IPL, he grabbed the opportunity without wasting any time. After his marriage, he could not go for the honeymoon. He delayed the plan and chose to participate in IPL on behalf of Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Unfortunately, he did not get any chance to play for the team. His base price was 10 lakh. In 2014, Sun risers was participating for the second time and got the 6th position. The decision to keep the team ahead of the family is always very tough, but Taylor was praised for the dedication and commitment.

10. Jason Roy

The incident is just a few days old. Just before the World Cup, England was playing the ODI series against Pakistan. At the same time, the daughter of Jason Roy was hospitalized because of deteriorating health condition. In second and third game of this series Roy performed with excellence and hit more than one half centuries. Then he received his daughter’s news. Due to vomit continuously at night she fainted. She was rushed to the hospital.

Roy was beside his daughter at spent the night at the hospital. The fourth ODI was scheduled for the next day. He joined the team on time and even smashed a spectacular hundred. England defeated Pakistan and won the series by 3-0. When the series was over, he went back to his family.

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